Creative and Memorable Ways to Make Your Introvert Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Creative and Memorable Ways to Make Your Introvert Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day

Moms come in all shapes and sizes, and some of them prefer to spend time indoors in the comfort of their home rather than in a busy restaurant or museum. There are plenty of things you can do for your Mom or with her that will impress even the shyest person. The following activities and presents are sure to make your introverted Mom feel special on Mother’s Day!

Surprise Her With Her Favorite Flowers

Flowers are a great Mother’s Day gift, especially if they’re from her favorite people. There are plenty of Mother’s Day flower deals that last up until the holiday. Your Mom likely has a favorite flower, like chrysanthemums, orchids, daisies, or lilies. No matter what she likes, you’ll be able to find the perfect bouquet for her that can be delivered with same-day shipping or in a subscription box. Through minimal contact, your Mom can enjoy flowers in her home.

Write a Heartfelt Note

Put together a list of things you’ve learned about her over the years, like how much she loves to read, is incredibly kind to animals, or loves to paint landscape pictures. Then, tell her how you’re thankful that she’s in your life and continues to be that rock that keeps you grounded. Your Mom will love how thoughtful the note is and will appreciate the work involved in writing it. To go above and beyond, including a poem that was written by you or a famous author she enjoys.

Make Breakfast in Bed

Ask Mom to put in a request for a pampering breakfast that she’s sure to enjoy, even if you accidentally burn the toast or pancakes! If you can’t be with her in person, ask another member in her home to cook breakfast for her. When all else fails, order in a yummy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with contactless delivery that you pay for. She’ll be able to enjoy a meal at home that she didn’t have to cook, which will help her relax and enjoy the rest of her Mother’s Day.

Have a Movie Night

Moms are sometimes too busy to watch their favorite show or a movie that they’ve kept on the backburner. Mother’s Day is the perfect chance to help her through her backlog of entertainment that she’s been meaning to get to. Either go and see a movie together in the theater (perfect introverted activity), watch one at home, or schedule a Zoom or FaceTime date together. Netflix has even created a “Watch Party” function so a group of people can watch movies.

Go Glamping

The last thing your Mom needs after a Mother’s Day weekend is coming home with a sore back from sleeping on a mediocre air mattress. However, if you still want to enjoy a couple of nights together under the stars, you can do something called glamping: a luxurious version of camping. Both of you can rent an RV and take a trip to the lake, sleep in an opulent treehouse, or a bubble in the wilderness. There are plenty of glamping locations near big cities in the US.

Take a Virtual Yoga Class

Your inverted Mom may not be up for going to an in-person class, but she may get excited at the prospect of a virtual one. Yoga classes especially encourage quiet contemplation and no talking, so there’s no pressure to interact with the rest of the class. Yoga is also a great way to get a bit of exercise without straining the back or hips – unless she wants to be an experienced yogi! Taking care of your mind and body together is always a positive, plus it’s more fun together.

Clean Her House or Hire a Maid

Allow your Mom to relax at home while you take care of all of the chores. She’ll really appreciate you vacuuming, dusting, and washing the dishes on Mother’s Day, or any day for that matter. If you’re unable to be there in person, hire a maid that can come to her home while she’s at work or doing errands. If your Mom gardens, you can hire a landscaper that can water her plants, mow the grass, and de-weed the property, so she doesn’t have to do it herself.