The Most Popular Forms Of Travel For Covid-19

We’ve been told that we can no longer rely on public transport. Trains, buses, and trams are all off-limits for the foreseeable future. You can expect to see more and more cities take up this policy and governments warn, crowding could start a second wave of Covid-19 cases. This is something that every nation is trying desperately to avoid. So, in light of recent circumstances, there are some forms of transport you should try to make life easier.

Cars are back in style

For years we’ve been told that we shouldn’t be driving as much as we have been. It’s bad for the environment not just in pollution but the fossil fuel extraction that needs to take place on a grand scale. Well, cars are back in fashion thanks to the lockdown. You’re on your own, not near anybody else, you’re shut away from the rest of the world in your own little moving cube. More and more politicians are actually championing cars as the main form of transport, which will allow people to get back to work safely. If you don’t know how perhaps it’s time to learn to drive. Using a professional service like BMS, you will be taught by incredibly experienced drivers. They have seen both sides of the coin regarding petrol stick shift and new electric-only single-gear cars. They also have a raft of discounts you should explore to get the ball rolling and discover the joys of driving for the first time.

No one bothers cyclists anymore

With the lack of options to get to work and avoid a second wave of the virus spreading, bicyclists are also back in fashion. Those funny-looking people with high-visibility clothing, helmets, and gloves, they’re the cool ones now. Those who can arrive at work are those who will get ahead and start earning real money again. If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in a good road bike. Don’t get this type of bike confused with a mountain bike or a touring bike. Road bikes are designed specifically to run over bumps, grip the road even during the rain and generally be light enough to quickly accelerate from standing red to green traffic lights. It should go with saying but don’t forget to invest in a good riding helmet. It could save your life even though no one is going to bother you anymore as many people will be cycling to work now.

Get up early

There’s an old blues song called ‘Back Door Man’ by Howlin’ Wolf. The first line is “in the morning, when the rooster crow, something tellin’ me, you better get up and go.” Take this to heart and get up early for work because you’re going to be pounding the pavement. Walking is the most economical form of transport and millions of people will be choosing to get to work, this way. Wear a pair of running trainers or sneakers and take your work shoes in your backpack or bag to work. This way you won’t get blisters if you have to walk a couple of miles to and fro.

Let’s all do our best to avoid creating a second wave of the Coronavirus outbreak. Drive by yourself if possible.

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