Changing Fast Fashion, Forever – PR Fire

Changing Fast Fashion, Forever – PR Fire

Meet your forever changing wardrobe

  • ●  Rent The Latest Fast Fashion Styles Every Month from 88p a day, including delivery!
  • ●  Helping To Reduce One Of The Most Polluting Industries In The World
  • ●  Changing Fast Fashion, Together, Forever.UKLaunch-Thursday13thMay@6pm –

    RentThatTrend officially launch their new platform in a bid to change the way young women shop online, forever. For years, consumers have become used to buying hundreds of new items every year, for them only to be worn a handful of times and sometimes never at all, then left buried deep in the wardrobe only to be forgotten about. Rent That Trend want to offer women of all shapes and sizes the latest trends on a monthly rental basis. Starting from £25 per month for 3 items or £30 for 4 items, no delivery, exchange or return fees, you can also keep the items as long as you like! It’s time to feel great about shopping again whilst helping to reduce one of the most polluting industries in the world!

    “We are so excited to announce that Rent That Trend is now officially live. A goal to change consumer purchasing habits in the Fast Fashion industry has been long overdue. We frequently observe other brands in this space and often think why has no-one else come up with such a simple solution to a world-wide problem.” says Marc Downer, Co-Founder of Rent That Trend “We are fully aware of other brands like Rent The Runway, Hurr etc offering similar solutions – however, we found those brands to be offering only designer related items, i.e. Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Saint Laurent etc. We never found a brand to offer Fast Fashion trends and styles, similar to that of Boohoo, Miss Guided, In The Style and Oh Polly.

We now want to change the mind of the consumer to realise that they don’t need to spend £52 on a single dress, and that in fact they can get the same dress with us from just 27p a day and then hand it back over when they are finished wearing it – which will dramatically help reduce the ever rising pollution that these companies contribute so massively to.”

Rent That Trend is initially launching two plans, 3 items for £25 a month or 4 items for £30 a month. They are also finalizing plans to launch a Maternity specific plan that will see mum’s to be not having to spend huge amounts of money on maternity wear that often will only get worn a handful of times! You can sign up to a plan today by going to and change fast fashion, together, forever.

“Rent That Trend will revolutionise the Fast Fashion industry forever. Finally, young women will be able to have a forever changing wardrobe at an affordable price whilst helping to reduce one of the biggest polluting industries in the world!”

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