Bestselling Summer Blanket from Bedsure Home

Bestselling Summer Blanket from Bedsure Home

People want the best bedding for deep, restful sleep: Comfortable, soft, durable, lightweight, good looking and at an affordable price. With a lot of companies offering bedding products, it can be hard to know what has the best value for money. Bedsure Home’s Flannel Fleece Blanket has thousands of Amazon reviews.

Globally, textiles have been made for over 30,000 years Over that time, the textiles industry has evolved to become a major force, offering customers a wide variety of products with multiple benefits. Today, we rely on textiles in all aspects of our lives, including in clothing and bedding. People use a wide variety of fabrics to make life more comfortable, safe, secure and beautiful.

One of the most popular – and comfortable – fabrics is fleece. It’s soft, smooth and warm. It’s become a popular fabric, finding its way into many apparel wear and bedding products.

Though many people think of wearing a warm fleece jacket outside in cold winter, fleece is versatile enough to be used in a variety of clothing and bedding. Lighter and softer than wool, fleece can be used as blankets, throws and wearable blankets. With many brands producing and selling blankets, how do you know which one is the best?

Having produced a variety of textiles for several years, Bedsure Home has produced a well-loved, #1 Bestseller fleece blanket on Amazon.

Like other blankets, Bedsure Home’s Flannel Fleece Blanket is comfortable and made out of polyester. The flannel part means that the fibers are woven in a particular way and are soft as well as insulative. Modern day usage of the word “fleece” usually refers to a fabric that imitates the insulating qualities of wool, yet is softer and often synthetic. Like other fleece products, this Flannel Fleece Blanket is soft and cozy.

What makes the Bedsure Home Flannel Fleece Blanket stand out as a great product is the way it is made, and the price. Compared with similar products, the Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket has a Denier of 120 and a 192 Filament. Denier is a measurement of fiber thickness and gives us an idea of how thick or sheer a fabric is ( Filament refers to a thread’s length and is different than a short staple fiber in that it is a continuous, almost infinitely-long fiber In contrast to Staple Fibers, Filament Fibers are less resistant to pulling and shedding.

Unlike other bedding products with a 150 Denier and 192 Filament, the Bedsure Flannel Fleece Blanket has a Denier of 120 meaning that is less dense compared with many similar blankets, yet still strong This makes it more versatile for all weather use, including in the spring and summer.

In addition, the Bedsure Home Flannel Fleece Blanket is available in 30 different colours. This means there is a colour for everybody – for every bed and couch. Not only that, with the large blanket having a price of £14.99, this makes the product highly affordable and accessible to a wide range of customers.

With over 86,000 reviews, the Bedsure Home Fleece Blanket has been voted as a #1 Bestseller on Amazon in the Bed Blankets category.

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