The 2020’s Collateral Effects Are Coming For You: “Baby, Don’t Wait”

The 2020’s Collateral Effects Are Coming For You: “Baby, Don’t Wait”

The Collateral Effects of 2020: “Baby, Don’t Wait”:
Los Angeles, Nov 13: The new single “Baby Don’t Wait” by Brazilian hip-hop artist in Los Angeles, Gio Castilhos, set to release December 11, 2020, brings the 2020’s social issues from a unique perspective to contextualize the most impactful year in the history of humanity.

“Baby Don’t Wait” is an international collaboration by Gio Castilhos with the Brazilian singer, composer, and music producer, Julio Serrano, who released several of his own hits, including “Alem da Nova Ordem” in the soap opera “Balacobaco” by RecordTV. The song “Baby Don’t Wait” portrays the current issues of social unrest related to lockdowns and racial discrimination in recent turbulent times. The song ponders on themes like the “BLM – Black Live Matter” movement, making reference to the civil rights movement generation of Malcolm X and other activists of his generation. “The World Will Never Be The Same. Neither Will Be The Music”, explains Gio, averse to any religious or political affiliation, but “truthful to the equality principles any good-hearted artist would embrace. Gratitude is the answer to most of our questions”, he comments. A true statement of determination and courage to face daily challenges while soothing the ears of west coast beat lovers. A song for who appreciates rich guitar lines and strong keys to unique sound intention as it appeals to fans of artists such as Eminem, Nate Dogg, and Sublime seeking the mix of meaningful lyrics, wrapped in powerful beats. The project also had the participation of Edu Corso, Rogerio Salles, and Renato Xexeu, artwork by Murilo Cardoso, and photography by Ruth de Souza.

About the artist:
Gio Castilhos is a versatile Brazilian-American hip-hop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles with a media marketing and action sports background. Gio’s optimistic lyrics blend well with the subtle soulful mix of genres. He writes his music with a fearless sense of accidental serendipity, which leads to an energetic and unique style that incorporates world music into a west coast feel. Gio’s first album “Birdfish in Town” was released in 2008 along with his former band project “Birdfish”, debuted Gio as an independent artist in Southern California. The second album “Acoustic Fire” was released shortly after, including exclusive acoustic songs. The third album “Birdfish – One For All” was released in 2012 and included just under 20 original songs, as a compilation. After a couple of years, released the singles “Tic Tac” and “The Way To Go”, both bringing fire to the table with fresh melodies and a hint of what the next artist’s phase would be: Live looping. Along with the records, Gio Castilhos became a prominent local artist at local venues in Los Angeles, like The Roxy, The Whiskey-GoGo, The House of Blues, and many more. The pay-off finally came sound 2013 to 2014 with the “Cali VIbes Tour”, which included performances at the US Open Of Surfing in Huntington Beach, Brazilian Day in Los Angeles, Redondo Beach Pier Summer Concerts, and several venues in California and Brazil. Moving forward, the artist has 2 new releases lined up for early 2021, including more artist collaborations along with hosting the “SKLS TALK”, a live stream content show, blending action sports and music content, and direct to consumer brand initiatives.

What: Single Release “Baby Don’t Wait”
Who: Gio Castilhos feat. Julio Serrano
When: December 11, 2020 – Song Release
Where: Spotify | Apple | Amazon (Worldwide+)
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