Travelling in England

Travelling in England

Without any doubts, travelling is an integral part of every person’s life. During each trip we can make new acquaintances, new friends and even business partners. Thanks to travel, we grow and reach a new level of our personal development. On the way to our beloved country, we can read, play casino sites not on gamestop, or just listen to our favourite music.

So, if you an avid traveler or just want to visit an amazing country, then England is a great travel destination. Almost everyone on Earth knows the English knowledge. It is taught in schools in secondary and higher educational institutions. It is also spoken in all countries of our planet. It is the main international language.

For those who have not yet been there, here are eight cool reasons why you should definitely visit The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Reason # 1

First of all, Great Britain is a fairly old state. It begins its countdown from 6500 BC. It has a very interesting and exciting history, the confirmation of the facts of which will be sights and historical monuments throughout the whole state.

Reason # 2

Great Britain is an “island” state. It includes 4 countries. These are Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Therefore, those who want to just visit London and say that they have been to England are very few. You need to visit at least a few of its key components in order to understand the culture, traditions, mentality and customs, see the real wildlife and generally understand the people who live there.

Reason # 3

York (England) is a famous ghost town. In this city alone, more than 1000 cases of their presence have appeared recently. So, fans of unexplained mystical facts will be really interested in a tour of this city.

Reason # 4

Big Ben is one of the most amazing tourist attractions. It is not really a clock tower. This is the so-called large bell, which is located in the tower of Westminster Palace. In 2012, the British Parliament decided to rename this landmark in England as Elizabeth Tower (in honor of the 60th anniversary of the reign of the Queen). Despite other names, the name “Big Ben” remains the most popular and is used generically to refer to the tower, clock and bells.

Reason # 5

The London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The ride takes about 30 minutes. During this time, you can fully enjoy the views of the city from all sides.

Reason # 6

The largest seat of government in the world is considered to be Windsor Castle. This is the largest and the most beautiful and fascinating castle that belonged to the royal family of Great Britain, as well as served as their country residence. By the way, Windsor Castle is now the most frequently visited tourist attraction.

Reason # 7

The United Kingdom is one of the first manufacturers to lead the way in science, information technology, creativity. Moreover, there are plenty of new casinos uk which help not only to have a good time, but also to bring home the bacon.

Reason # 8

True English speakers live here. British English is completely different from American. British pronunciation is clear, crisp and pleasant to the ear. Practicing a language in Britain is as easy as shelling pears.

What Else Can You Do in Great Britain?

British pubs are second to none

Well, after visiting all sorts of beautiful places in Great Britain, you need to have a good rest. Ordinary British beer bars are fine here. And believe me, you can have a hearty meal and a good drink there. Given that the British appreciate it themselves, they also love to watch the matches of their favorite teams: Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and many others. So, ardent fans have something to see in this country!

There is something to see in this country

By the by, in Great Britain there is a place where you can watch incredible horse races, tennis or golf competitions. Don’t like sports? Visit festivals that are incredibly beautiful. This is the Fire Festival, Burning Hours, and Cheese Races!

Shopping here is top notch

There are also many places to do good shopping (eg Selfridges, Debenhams, and John Lewis department stores). You can also buy a good suit, top hat and consider that you are a real English gentleman.

Great Britain is the birthplace of great people and characters

In addition, the great country is considered the homeland not only for fans of television battles, but also for literary ones! After all, Great Britain is the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes, so visit the apartment at 221b Baker Street – the museum of the legendary character. Among other things, Britain is the birthplace of Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, D.R.R. Tolkien and others. In case the books are not interesting for you, visit Belfast which is home to the legendary Game of Thrones TV series

The Bottom Line

British architecture is truly unique. Particularly tourists are impressed by the architecture of ancient castles: Buckingham Palace, Princess Diana’s parental home, Windsor Castle, Big Ben and Stonehenge!

It goes without saying that we can talk about this country for a very long time. Great Britain has absorbed such a great culture. So, visit the UK if you have the opportunity. The world of real gentlemen and ardent drunkards and sports fans!