Will Laptops Become Redundant?


When was the last time you looked for a job? Whether it was yesterday or last week, it probably was on a laptop or even a smartphone. Jobs, or vacancies, to be more precise, are well-represented online. With the advent of the Internet, there have been many opportunities that have cropped up. While desktops were the gold standard, laptops and tablet computers have been a running theme till now. Of course, these devices will change or rather they will evolve in future. How they will evolve is based on the requirement of a particular audience, and also based on the industries that they serve.

Laptops Will Evolve

One of the main advantages of laptops is the fact that they are easy to carry around. With many companies cropping up that offer solutions for both smartphone and laptops like App Design Melbourne, you can seriously up your online game. With AI taking on a leading role today and sure to change how the IT world functions, you will realize that it will create a great movement in how computers are manufactured. This is another point that you need to factor in when talking about devices. It is impossible to make a prediction about a device and its life expectancy.

Consider how the phone evolved into a smartphone quite successfully. But also consider how the Kodak camera died simply because it did not pivot when it came to understanding an audience’s requirement. Devices change according to how the market changes as well. The same would be true when it comes to a laptop. There is no denying that the quintessential laptop will also evolve to become something useful. With that said, consider how the iPad came to be. It was mainly for the sake of convenience and ease of use that it was adored for. But also because it was part of the same ecosystem, which is iOS.

All in all, understand the aspect of redundancy. It is a time-specific phenomena, which needs to be analysed. Many industry experts state that autonomous cars will be the default by 2030. They also say smart lighting will also be the default. While most of these predictions could be wishful thinking, there is a chance for some of these predictions to actually see the light of day. That said, besides evolving into something more useful, laptops won’t be courting obsolescence any time soon.


So we know that all these fancy and glitzy laptops will not become obsolete nor will they become redundant (at least, not in the foreseeable future). Rather what will happen is that these devices will evolve based on the requirements of the audience that it serves. Elegant Media, which operates in Australia, offers many services that redefine how online work is done. And most of this work is done (ironically!) by using super powerful laptops that are not just productivity tools per se. Laptops are also part of a larger device ecosystem that serves as an integral part for an office or corporate.

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