Machine Learning in Marketing

Machine learning is the go-to solution for many businesses to have a marketing campaign that stands out in most crowded industries. 

According to Gartner, around 30% of companies used machine learning in one of their sales processes. 

But here is the thing. New organizations that recently incorporated machine learning into their marketing operations encounter trouble. 

As a business owner, you want to make it right the first time. How to get started? Below, we gathered a few ways to help you leverage the advantage of machine learning and take your digital marketing to the next level. 

More Effective Personalization

The competition in different industries is more challenging than ever before. So, your ultimate goal is to differentiate your services and provide engaging customer experiences. 

Machine learning can turn that goal into a reality. 

One of the companies that use machine learning is Netflix. It invests in this technology to suggest specific movies and series that its subscribers are more likely to fall in love with. It is usually based on what the users watched, rated, and ignored. 

As a marketer, you could also use that strategy to improve engagement metrics and customize email marketing campaigns. 

If you still struggle, there are machine learning specialists that you can rely on and trust. 

Responsive Customer Service

You have a useful, quality, and customized product. But that is not enough to make your clients happy and satisfied. 

Responsive and quick customer service is something you cannot ignore. 

If you have a well-tailored service and your ROI remains stagnant, your customer support is the one to blame. 

It is time to change your approach in responding to customer’s queries. Studies found that 79% of clients prefer live chat. 

It is no surprise as live chat is available 24/7 and does not have a long customer wait time. 

If your method of communicating to your target audience does not excel in this department, it is wise to invest in machine learning-powered chatbots. 

It may be costly. But it is worth it. 

More Accurate Content

Curating posts is not only time-consuming but also daunting. 

The use of machine learning-based curation solutions can save your time and allow your team to focus on what’s urgent at the moment. 

With a wide range of options, what are the best tools you should take advantage of? Vestorly and Curata are popular for a reason. They can pull articles from social media channels and other online destinations. 

From there, they customize the content according to customers’ requirements. 

Popular brands that already invested in Curata are SendGrid, JP Morgan, Zendesk, and Aramark. 

On the other hand, Vestory claims that business owners can increase their website leads and engagement. 

Innovative Content Creation 

Artificial intelligence seems perfect. However, it is not. A lot of people think that AI could automate everything. But content creation is not included in its list. Machine learning is the solution you should take advantage of. 

The top three content creation tools include, Quill, and Phrasee. 

When searching for a solution that answers customer questions and generates content briefs, will be your best bet. 

When you need something that creates descriptions from big data to ensure consistent reporting, Quill is a tool you cannot afford to miss. 

For those planning to make their email marketing simple, Phrasee should be on top of your list. 

So, what’s your choice? 

Compelling Website Design

It is estimated that more than 1.7 billion websites exist online. That’s massive! How are you going to stand apart from the competition? 

Your website must have an interesting design, of course! And machine learning can be a lifesaver. Wix ADI is not the leading web design tool for nothing. It utilizes data from approximately 86 million users’ preferences to develop and craft engaging websites within a minute or two. 

Who says you need a few days and months to achieve a stunning web design? Wix ADI can make it happen as quickly as possible, saving your time and helping you focus on what really matters. 

Seamless Email Marketing Campaigns

Years had passed, but email marketing remains an effective solution to expand your market reach, acquire leads, and boost client conversion rate. 

If you have been a fan of email marketing and want to level up your experience, why don’t you try machine learning-powered email marketing software? 

Apart from improving your return on investment, this tool can maximize data about possible leads, a vast library of content, and nuanced customer segments. 

As a result, marketers can customize email campaigns of all sizes without any trouble. 

While there are many ways machine learning can make an effective email campaign, it excels in content creation, data segmentation, timing, and delivery. 

Good choices include MailChimp and Automizy. 

Less Stressful Marketing Automation 

Companies are projected to spend $27 billion on marketing automation tools by 2023. 

Small, medium-sized, and large organizations have switched to marketing automation software to take their strategy up a notch. 

Aside from that, any marketing automation tool uses machine learning to deliver insights on prescriptive suggestions, client segmentation, and content targeting that will help you make a quick, accurate, and confident decision. 

If you cannot decide on urgent matters because of the absence of data, a marketing automation tool can improve your decision-making. So, you can grab every new opportunity you encounter along the way. 

What are you waiting for? Streamline your digital marketing campaign and experience a big difference. 

Social Media Management 

Who would have thought that social media platforms would become the center of digital marketing in this 21st century? 

Nobody has expected it. But due to millions of active users on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses try to advertise their services on any of these platforms. 

Machine learning also helps companies from different niches use big data to optimize these social media applications. 

Machine learning can particularly determine complaints, user communications, and reviews that require quick responses. 

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