The Essential Crypto Trading Skills and the Apps That Teach Them

The world of finance is changing thanks to the rise of many virtual currencies. These currencies are much better than the fiat ones which is why they attract attention. They come with many benefits that users can enjoy. But to get these benefits you’ll need to learn how to trace virtual currencies.

This means you’ll need to learn how to trade if you don’t know how to. There are 2 ways you can do this. The first way is to learn through trial and error. This means you’ll use your budget to buy and sell assets as you see fit. You might be successful, but you’ll make a lot of mistakes along the way.

The second way to learn crypto trading is to go for a trading simulator. Thanks to the gaming industry you’ll have plenty of them to choose from. The industry is one of the few that accepts various digital currencies as payment methods. It has also produced several crypto games.

These simulators will focus on various skills. Some of them will offer the popular currencies only while others will throw in some up-and-rising ones as well. Either way, you’ll get a virtual market and real competition. In that regard, here are some simulators you can try:

Spark Profit

This simulator focuses on predictions of prices of crypto assets. In Spark Profit, you’ll practice this with many popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ripple, Ehtereum, and others. You can make short or long-term predictions and if you’re right then you’ll get some points. If you aren’t, you won’t. But you don’t need to learn how to predict the prices of assets if you have trading platforms available. They do the trading for you and all you do is reap the profits. Bitcoin Rush is such a platform.

To make use of the benefits it offers you’ll need to get familiar with the platform. This means you’ll need to learn about its settings, adjusting them, the platform’s limits, fees, and more. To do this you’ll need to create an account and deposit a small amount of money. Then you’ll get the tutorials and a demo account to learn with. After some time with them then you’ll head on to your first live session and it’s off to the real world of crypto trading after that. You’ll experience all the platform has to offer.

Altcoin Fantasy

Altcoin Fantasy also offers the popular digital currencies to learn to trade with. You’ll get the basic skills with this simulator which means you’ll be proficient in buying and selling assets. Another thing you’ll learn is analyzing the market and you’ll learn how to handle the competition as other players will be learning how to trade too.

Then there are the competitions this app offers. They’ll test your skills and help build them up. If you happen to be a skilled trader then you can go for the top spot and if you get it then you’ll be able to enjoy a prize of the virtual currency to prefer.


This is another app that covers the basics. You’ll get the popular digital currencies on a virtual market with real-time prices. Other players will work as your competition and you’ll be able to handle all the challenges of buying and selling cryptocurrencies thanks to CoinMarketGame.


When you’ve got the required set of skills, you can get down to the other aspects of crypto trading. For instance, you’ll need to stick to one of the many virtual currencies available online. Also, you’ll need to pick out the proper wallet. Finally, you’ll need to keep tabs on the changes of value so you can adapt easier.