The Role Social Media Plays in the Crypto World: Persystic and Shiba Inu

Humans have historically had trouble communicating with friends and family across long distances. Because people are social beings, they have traditionally relied on communication to create better relationships.

User-generated content, connectivity, and interactivity are the defining characteristics of social media. In today’s culture, using social media on a regular basis is expected. Social media is primarily utilised for news, accessing information, and social interaction.

Through reviews, advertising, and marketing strategies, social media can affect consumers’ purchasing decisions. In essence, social media has a significant impact on our capacity for communication, the development of relationships, information access, dissemination, and making the best decisions.

In this article, we will be looking at Persystic Token (PSYS) , a cryptocurrency that aims to change how content is created on social media and give ownership of content back to the creators. As well as looking at famous meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB) who gained a lot of popularity through social media. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Putting the Shiba in You

Shiba Inu is an Ethereum blockchain-based ERC-20 token that was formally introduced in August 2020. The token thinks that making their community the centre of attention is a decentralised idea that they wish to adopt right away. Shiba Inu was developed on the Ethereum blockchain because of its simplicity and useful blockchain, in contrast to the bulk of meme coins which are constructed on the centralised Binance Smart Chain.

The biggest meme coin by market valuation, Shiba Inu, was born in 2020 and quickly rose to fame, overtaking Dogecoin in 2021. Shiba Inu earned the moniker “the Dogecoin Killer” because of how quickly it surpassed Dogecoin. Shortly after the token’s value rose, this term started to be frequently used on social media and quickly gained a large following among the crypto community.

The Shiba Inu community developed “ShibaSwap” on the Ethereum Blockchain following a successful launch and a fantastic year. Users can buy, sell, hold, stake, and offer liquidity on ShibaSwap, a decentralised exchange that also features an NFT segment. As an incentive, participants can stake their SHIB tokens and earn incentives for their currency.

Persystic Token (PSYS) Giving Content Creators Complete Freedom

Decentralisation will be used by the social media platform Persystic to restore people’s rights to free speech and content ownership. The Persystic Token is in the lead when it comes to comprehending the various benefits that blockchain technology can offer to make social media a secure environment and give content creators the ability to monetize their social media activity.

With the help of Persystic, people may connect and create communities based on democratic ideals and the freedom to express themselves. Some lines shouldn’t be crossed, but Persystic would never demonetize or censor a user just because they disagree with our point of view. Sadly, the bulk of the main platforms have decided that demonetization is the best course of action.

While offering financial incentives to content producers, entertainment platforms like Netflix, YouTube, and SoundCloud also exercised control over how users consumed this content. Sadly, this was not the case for websites like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, which have enormous user bases and high levels of content consumption even while users are unable to sell their work.

To support the expansion and empowerment of their businesses, Persystic also aims to create a common thread and communication channel between famous people and influencers and their network.

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