The modern wardrobe

The closet is completely particular, one of the most intimate places in your home that contains a fairly accurate sample of your personality. This is because clothing since ancient times has been much more than a tool to protect your body, it is a means of expression that encompasses your different facets, your tastes, peculiarities, the time you live in. Many archaeological studies relate the differences between people’s occupations, their class and even their marital status throughout history through their clothing. But there is a factor in turn linked to this that plays a fundamental role, and has its historical evolution at the same time, the wardrobe.

Throughout history fashion has always been used with diverse social and cultural motives and people take care of their garments as the external element that allows them to transmit their inner self to others at a glance. That is why the care and storage of it is essential, there are pieces as priceless as the wedding or graduation dress, so the closet is more than a place to store clothes, it is an intimate space where all versions of you coexist.

That is why companies like GF interiors design custom luxury walk-in closet, using the best Italian techniques to bring luxury and personality to your space to match the clothes in it. The walk-in closet is the smartest way to store clothes, because of its space that allows you to organize all the clothes in its own section and space.

Modern walk-in closets are the epitome of luxury and style, thanks to the variety of techniques and materials that are available today, you can emulate a number of styles that meet the needs of the most demanding customer. Walk-in closets should always be personalized, this is because each person has their own way of conceiving and relating to the space, it is a topic that ranges from taste to functionality.

Walk-in Styles

Each bespoke closet is unique, taking advantage of its modularity to adapt. However, while some people are very clear about the design of their closet, others have more lax ideas about it. While advice is essential when designing it, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are looking for in terms of style.

GF Interior System has some collections that handle the principles of modernity, functionality, modularity and aesthetics, which serve as inspiration for various pieces.

Stage: A timeless design marked by sober colors, wide spaces, and a harmonious mix of contrasting materials. This design evokes the last century and at the same time is more current than ever.

Never Stop: Blending simplicity and elegance in the best contemporary style, the Never-Stop walk-in closet highlights the focus on the functionality of the space, avoiding expansions and providing a satisfying space in a variety of ways.

Bebop: A bohemian style that resembles nature due to its Canaletto Walnut finish, which in combination with wood, Titan WH doors and screen-printed glass, gives a relaxing and natural atmosphere, hand in hand with its warm tones.

Groove: For lovers of practicality and minimalism, tall units in black metal, an integrated and functional structure where each element plays a key role in the design, such as the box bed that with its removable cushions can be used for storage. The bathroom is equally conceived in this design, integrating the relationship of closet and personal care in every aspect.

Walking: The fluidity of the Lofi and the chic of fashion converge in this metropolitan design. With a mix of materials from Titan to exotic wood, following a dark color pattern. It has the most modern accessories to organize, from fixed to removable and adaptable. This design draws from the industrial style born in the old factories of New York, with a clear glass that allows you to see the tubes of the structures and metal parts. However, it differs in giving a sense of movement and fluidity.

Each of these designs gives parameters of style, with a characteristic combination of materials, color palettes and elements that together give particular sensations and atmospheres. All this hand in hand with the best quality of made in Italy, recognized worldwide for its luxury items in numerous areas, including interior design.

A bespoke walk-in closet is the star of the room, your private space to dedicate to each of your looks the time they deserve, where you can enjoy your collections within your own harmony. Modern designs find the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, using the principles of dynamism. Personalization favors this factor as well, since with a space designed to fit your daily routine, you will be able to streamline it. This is one of the determining factors in contemporary design, the understanding of the human factor and its integration into the environment, discarding any design that is not functional, while still prioritizing style and luxury.

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