Essential Aspects of SEO that businesses should know about

If a business or an online website wants to prosper, SEO or Search engine optimization has been the most beneficial practice to choose. There are many aspects to SEO and improving a webpage or a website. But among the most important is being listed on top of a search engine results page. 

When an individual searches something relevant to your business on a popular search engine like Google, your webpage should be among the top results for the query. There are many professional agencies like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services that can help in this. To ensure that you outrank other websites in the same field, one has to establish authority. This article will help you navigate the dos and don’ts in this area. 

  • Link building:

To establish authority on a search engines’ results page, one can nurture and grow their audience, build their brand and most importantly, earn links from other authoritative websites. Google, the most popular search engine itself, has confirmed that quality content, as well as link, are the most critical factors that affect the ranking of a website. 

Research has shown that 91% of the pages on google never get any organic traffic from it, mainly because they do not have backlinks. Trustworthy sites often link to others of a similar nature. This highlights the importance of links. It is important to carefully understand the nuances of what a link is:

Links, also referred to as backlinks and external links, are HTML which is programming language code that hyperlink and direct audiences from one website to another. In the internet world, backlinks are often treated as currency as they add to the reputation of a website. 

For example, if one wants to try a new restaurant, they may seek the recommendation of their closest friends to ensure quality. Hyperlinks work similarly as they provide the quality of a website and add to its credibility.

Often problematic websites link to those which are of a similar kind. Search engines like Google do not merely give. A higher rating is based on hyperlinks as they also evaluate the player providing that recommendation. Google’s search quality rater guidelines which are in charge of determining where a website is placed on the search engine results page, give a lot of emphasis to the acronym E-A-T.

  • What is EAT?

E-A-T stands for expert, authoritative and trustworthy, and it refers to those sites that exhibit all three traits. If a website has a high ratio of these three components, the chances are that they will be placed higher on a search engines results page. A guiding principle of using SEO services itself is that one should create a website that is expertly crafted, authoritative and trustworthy in nature.  

  • Linking websites :

How vital a website is, is determined by the number and weightage of the links attached to it. For example, a popular website like Wikipedia provides many links that diverge from it, thus increasing its overall authority and expertise over other web pages. 

If a web page has linked others that exhibit properties of E-A-T, they are going to be ranked higher by search engines. Utilising the services of experts in the field of SEO like Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services can help struggling businesses.


It is the ultimate goal of any business that has a website or a webpage to gain more traffic and visitors. This occurs when they are ranked highly on the search engines results page. Link building, as explained above, is crucial for a better ranking and hence keeping in mind the information presented above can help a website grow and develop. In case of any further queries, Marketing Sweet Brisbane SEO services can help resolve them.