Shopping in Dubai, the most visited shopping complex Dubai Mall, choose a property near the Dubai Mall

The United Arab Emirates is a country of luxury, magnificent skyscrapers, snow-white yachts, and luxury shopping. If Dubai is considered the world capital of shopping, the main center of attraction in the emirate is the Dubai Mall, the most popular shopping center of the city not only with travelers and foreign businessmen but also residents. This shopping center even once deserved the title of the world’s most visited. The official property website finds out what is remarkable about this shopping center, except for its impressive size.

Information about Dubai Mall 

The shopping center is so huge that you can move around its territory in special buggy taxis that will take you to the part of the building where there are the shops you need. The shopping center has an aquarium where you can go scuba diving and an ice rink.

The Dubai Mall is part of the Downtown Dubai district, which also includes the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building not only in the UAE but also in the whole world. The territory of the Dubai Mall shopping center is more than 500 thousand square meters. There are more than a thousand shops, as well as about two hundred cafes and restaurants.

Dubai Mall — how to get there

This shopping center is easily accessible both by metro (the nearest metro station is called the shopping center) and by a special bus that takes visitors directly to the doors of the shopping complex without walking under the scorching Arab sun.

However, the road from the metro to the doors of the shopping center will not be so exhausting, because this walking route is inside a closed bridge equipped with powerful air conditioners.

Dubai Mall attractions 

The shopping center is huge, so there are many attractions in it, as in a separate city.

There you can find

  • Fully assembled dinosaur skeleton. This 24-meter skeleton of an ancient reptile, located in the lobby, is of tourist value, especially for visitors with children. However, adults also admire the dinosaur.
  • The ocean Zoo here is notable for its size, the number of inhabitants, and a stunning tunnel, thanks to which you can better see the bright fish, stingrays, and sharks. Especially for the residents, a lighting change was created that matches the natural cycles of nature.
  • Ice rink. The complex has an Olympic-sized ice rink, where more than 300 people can skate.
  • Level Shoe District is a hypermarket of luxury and fashionable branded shoes. It is impossible to leave this property in Dubai without buying beautiful sneakers or shoes.
  • The Village is some sort of street of this shopping city, dedicated to jeans and everyday goods.
  • And why not search for the finest Dubai perfume shop whilst visiting.

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