Road trip to America: Traveling to the US states by car

Road trip to America: Traveling to the US states by car

Do not wait any longer: Time to organize a road trip to America! From the dusty deserts of Arizona to the lush alpine landscapes of Colorado, we have selected some incredible attractions, cities, and landmarks centered on the Colorado Plateau, which is magnificently spread across four states around the Four Corners Monument. You can visit them in combination in at least two weeks, without rushing to catch everything. Or, if you have limited time or budget, choose the ones that represent you the most.


The King of the American Canyons is the undisputed protagonist of a road trip to America. The Grand Canyon is 246 km long and 29 km wide, an elaborate work of art with a history of millions of years. 5-6 million years ago, the Colorado River began to carve out new landscapes and routes in a mammoth project that is constantly evolving. The Grand Canyon is located approximately 120 km (1 hour and 20 minutes drive) from Flagstaff, Arizona, an ideal accommodation destination.

As your gaze falls for the first time on the untamed landscape of the Grand Canyon, it is impossible to absorb it all at once. But do not stay on the “easy” routes. It is worth the sweat for a short hiking trip to the depths of the gorge to really feel its mysterious charm. Just make sure you are adequately equipped with sturdy shoes, a hat, and a large bottle of water! However, if you want to stay in the spirit of the road trip, follow the 40 km along the southern “edge,” or South Rim, also known as Desert View Drive. There you will find six different observatories and four picnic spots. It will most likely be one of the most exciting picnics of your life!


Most of Lake Powell is in Utah, and one of the boat tours will take you to the highest natural bridge in the world, the Rainbow Bridge. The excursion combines a boat tour of about 80 km and a light short walk. The ancient tribe of Pueblo, Navajo, Hopi, etc., lived on the land around the bridge for centuries. For the natives, in fact, the place is considered sacred, so it would be good to respect the sign that asks you not to approach or stand right under the bridge.

Another fantastic national park, framed by the 270-million-year-old reddish cliffs of Zion Canyon, is in southwestern Utah. To get here easily, you can book accommodation in nearby Springdale. Alternatively, you can drive as far as Las Vegas, just 2.5 hours from here. So it would be best if you focused on choosing a rental vehicle for your travels. So you can trust Enjoy Travel, which offers a vast range of cars to choose from.


Leaving behind the Four Corners monument and leading to the legendary Rocky Mountains, the landscape changes drastically. The journey to the former mining town, and now a favorite of skiers, Silverton, two and a half hours drive from the monument, brings to mind peaceful alpine landscapes. However, the road trip upstairs is worth it; another attraction here challenges you to leave the car in the parking lot.

A historic locomotive transfers approximately 72 km on the narrow rails of the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, first built in 1882 along the Animas River. The route offers a different view, through mountains and gorges that a car can not reach. The journey takes two and a half hours, with two hours at your disposal to explore Silverton’s independent boutiques and historic saloons.

New Mexico

If you are full of nature on this road trip in America, combine the rugged natural landscapes with the modern sights of Santa Fe. You will find the city four hours southeast of Durango, and one hour northeast of New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque. The capital of New Mexico, a Spanish colony from 1610, offers a compelling blend of history and arts-centered on historic Santa Fe Plaza. Its history combines the culture of English and Spanish settlers with that of Native Americans, while about 300 galleries bring together traditional and contemporary art.

The stunning outdoor Santa Fe Opera House was built on a tree-lined hill that housed a former ranch. Both the modern architecture and the view of the Jemez and Sangre de Cristo mountains, while at the same time watching the intrigues of Puccini’s “La bohème,” offer an intoxicating combination.

Other attractions in Santa Fe include the New Mexico History Museum, the Loretto Chapel, and Pueblo-style buildings. Ideally, combine your visit with the historic Fiesta de Santa Fe, which every September, for over 300 years, fills the streets of the city with parades, dances, and cheerful Mariachi music!