Top 10 Emerging Tech Trends That’ll Shape the Next 5 Years.

Technological advancements are an ongoing process. Every decade sees the invention, implementation, and adoption of new technologies. However, the past decade was quite different as the pace of innovation was significantly faster than anything the world has witnessed before.

The upcoming decade is set to witness even more innovations that will radically alter the way everything operates worldwide. Whether you are running a business or looking to invest in startups, staying aware of the latest tech trends will help you make good business decisions. Entrepreneurs should also be aware of the concept of pro rata in order to increase their chances of success. 

Here are the top 10 tech trends that will change the future. 


Although it is commonly associated with cryptocurrency, blockchain has widespread applications. Blockchain has the power to ensure transparency and increase the security of transactions at a reduced cost for enterprises. It can be used for storing records, processing claims, executing contracts, etc.

Blockchain technology and its applications are currently in a nascent stage. It has a lot of scope for versatile applications in the future, which is evident from the fact that over 60% of CIOs worldwide are expecting some form of blockchain deployment in the coming years.       

Hi-Tech Healthcare 

The past decade witnessed a rise in the use of wearable and implanted devices. The future will not only see a rise in these devices, but there also be an increase in their capabilities. Healthcare technologies will revolutionize almost every aspect of patient care, from collecting and storing patient data to monitoring health to aiding diagnosis.  

There will also be a simultaneous push for an increase in data security, and this will fuel the adoption of other technologies such as blockchain in the healthcare sector.  

5G Network

5G technology has been the talk of the town for a while now, but the coming decade will see its implementation. 5G promises data speeds unlike anything we have seen before. It also promises a reliable wireless network that can help many other technologies such as AR and VR go mainstream.

With major telecommunications companies launching 5G compatible devices, you can expect a significant increase in data speeds and a plethora of innovations accompanying that.  

Hyper Automation

You may have heard of automation, but what is hyper-automation? Hyper automation uses machine learning, automation tools, and software to enable businesses to identify and automate all possible processes.

A variety of intelligent business process management suites and robotic process automation are the key components in enabling hyper-automation. RPA enables modern systems to connect and communicate with legacy systems and automate repetitive tasks to increase process efficiency.

Hyper automation can enable enterprises to create a digital twin where stakeholders can study the impact of various business decisions. 

Quantum Computing

With modern-day problems becoming increasingly complex, supercomputers are falling short of coming up with a solution. Quantum computers use the properties of quantum states to perform complex operations that regular computers just cannot support.

Quantum computers are faster than traditional computers while occupying less space. They have immense applications in various problems worldwide and are said to be the future of computing. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is an innovative concept where devices at the edge of the cloud network carry out tasks and services at the cloud’s behest. Edge computing can reduce the latency in cloud computing as it handles processing and traffic at a local level. The increased adoption of IoT devices is one of the primary drivers of edge computing.  

Autonomous Driving

The future is set to witness autonomous vehicles become a reality. Self-driving vehicles such as cars, taxis, ships, etc., will become commercially viable. These present a plethora of opportunities for businesses to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and make profits.

Autonomous vehicles are currently in the testing stage, with improvements being made every day. The current technology still needs a few enhancements that will soon be implemented, changing the way we think about vehicles. 

Human Augmentation

Wearable or implantable devices that enhance a person’s physical and cognitive abilities might seem like something out of science fiction. However, it will become a reality sooner than one might think.

Devices that can enhance a person’s decision-making capability can change the knowledge workforce. Similarly, devices that can enhance a person’s physical capabilities have applications ranging from the military to mining.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and A

ugmented Reality are already here, but they are in their infancy. As 5G enables higher data speeds and a more reliable data connection, there is a huge range of applications that could benefit from VR and AR.

They can be used for training new employees in handling sensitive or expensive equipment. They can also be used for educational purposes in schools and colleges. AR and VR can help students understand difficult concepts with ease.

AR and VR have massive scope in the gaming sector, with many gaming companies all set to provide players with a better experience. They can even be used for training defense and police personnel in handling sensitive situations. Overall, AR and VR will play a huge role in making the world a better place.  

Technologies in Agriculture

While all of the innovations mentioned above are important, one should not forget about agriculture as it feeds the innovators. Agriculture might seem like an odd choice for implementing technology, but technology has the potential to increase the agricultural output and improve the crops.

Various sensors and software can help farmers monitor crop growth and identify the correct time to harvest. Robots can be used for various agricultural activities ranging from sowing seeds to harvesting crops.

Softwares that analyze the weather patterns and help farmers identify the correct time to sow and harvest also play a huge role in ensuring optimum crop yield.  

Key Takeaways

The modern world is constantly witnessing newer innovations and tech trends that are impacting the day-to-day life of people all across the globe. Such technologies have applications in all sectors ranging from manufacturing to healthcare to agriculture and in increasing workplace productivity. While there are many other technological advancements, these trends have the ability to radically alter the world we live in for the better. 

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