Finding the Right OTT Platform for You

As the times have continued to change, so has the way we digest our media. The way we watch movies, listen to music and even talk to one another have all changed. The world has moved towards the digital age, that is why it is important to know about OTT platforms and how to find the best ott platforms for you. This article is here to help you learn what an ott platform is and how to find the best ott platforms in the world today. 

What Is an OTT Platform?

OTT stands for “over the top”, which describes the way in which ott content is shared to the viewers. OTT platforms go around traditional cable networks and satellite connections. They deliver the content directly to their viewers through a streaming service or online application. This lets you show and generate revenue for your video content without having to work with another company or platform. A few examples of where you watch ott videos are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney + which all stream their content online. OTT platforms are software that enables content creators to share their videos over the internet to a website, tv app, or phone application. These platforms sometimes have features that allow you to manage your video content, record live video, offer subscription packages, and create revenue for your content in various ways.

Some of the Best OTT Platforms Is considered by many the most complete OTT platform you can get at a price of $99 a month.  Unscreen is by far the leading platform that helps you manage your video streaming apps. It takes about 30-60 days which makes it one of the fastest platforms out there. What makes it stand out from the rest is that it publishes the content on the ott apps for you and schedules automatic updates. Making your life way easier and freeing time up to work on different projects. It also has one of the fastest 4k UHD video experiences across various platforms. It also gives you the freedom to personalize your app and make it match your brand.


Muvi is another OTT platform out right now on the market that helps make your work easier. Muvi’s best feature is that it lets you have both video and audio-only streaming. There are not many OTT platforms that let you do this. Muvi is one of the best out there because it can handle all your media needs. Muvi also lets you keep your custom domain name and you can host your content from there. Some of its best features are that it lets you create mobile applications for both IOS and android. It also works on smart tv apps and allows you to take payments in all sorts of different currencies.

IBM Watson Media

If you are looking for an OTT platform that has a history of success and reliability, then IBM Watson media is the company for you. One of their best features is that they have live chat and a Q&A. Which is a great way to get more user interaction on your content. Another good feature is that they take care of any copyright issues for you, freeing up more time to create engaging content.


Finding the right OTT platform for your business can be a hard task, but hopefully, this article helps make your decision easier. In the current digital revolution we are living in I would suggest getting an OTT platform to take your company to the next level. By now, hopefully, you should know how to look for the best OTT platforms in the world for you.

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