Who is Adin Ross: biography, earnings, personal life

Who is Adin Ross: biography, earnings, personal life

Adin Davis Ross is an American streamer, formerly known by the pseudonym Adin2Huncho. He has been streaming on Twitch since 2019. Gained popularity thanks to the games NBA and Grand Theft Auto V.


Adin Ross was born in 2000 on October 11 in the small town of Boca Raton, which is located in the state of Florida. Parents were in a toxic relationship, often quarreled, so the family led a nomadic lifestyle, constantly moving. Adina Ross has a sister named Naomi. Together they first studied at a Jewish school, after which their family moved to California, and the children entered a public high school. According to Adin, he watched streams all the time and even missed classes because of them. Therefore, streaming is rather not a “random choice”, but a dream that has become a reality.

In a recent interview, Adin admitted that the games have been a lifesaver of sorts. There were unstable relationships in the family, not only among the parents, but also among other relatives. At the age of 12, one of his relatives, who was drunk, hit the guy with a knife. The story ended in court, but after the proceedings, the relative was sent for treatment to a psychiatric hospital, from where he soon left.


The streaming career began in 2019, when Ross joined the NBA 2 group. In it, he met and became friends with the already famous Bronnie James. After a winning streak in NBA 2K20, Adin amassed an audience of 11,000 in one night.

However, the result did not satisfy Ross, after which he returned to Twitch only in 2021, launching the #make2kfunain hashtag. As the pandemic was already raging in the world and many remained locked in their homes, the hashtag brought together a huge number of people, which allowed Ross to gather a huge audience of 2 million users.

Videos of NBA 2K gained a huge number of views, but the streamer’s personal blog was of great interest. Ross often shares his experiences as well as stories about his life. Adin also started doing video game reviews, after which he was invited to the SSB group. During this period, its audience increased by another 1 million users.

On April 10, 2021, Adin’s account was blocked due to a quarrel with a certain Zias. After that, the hashtag #FreeAdin scattered across the social network. A few months later, the account was returned, but after the incident with the simulation of sex scenes in GTA V, he was banned for another 24 hours.

There is no exact information regarding Adin’s earnings in the public domain. He now has over 4 million subscribers to his Twitch channel, worth around $2 million by some estimates. Monthly income on Twitch varies from 20 to 40 thousand dollars a month. The guy also has a YouTube channel where he uploads cuts and comedy videos. According to some reports, this brings in another 3 million dollars a year. In an interview, Adin Ross admitted that he sends 10% of his income to charity.

Streamer’s personal life

Almost nothing is known about Adin’s personal life. There was one kissing incident with streamer Corinna Kopf. After rumors of intimacy spread throughout the venue, Ross denied the information. According to the streamer, they only have friendly and working relations with Corinna, and the kiss itself was for hype.