Stacey Solomon’s Sort Your Life Out is the best-rated cleaning show in the UK, new research reveals

·       Solomon’s BBC series has the highest rating for a UK-produced cleaning show, scoring 7.9/10 on IMDb

·       UK cleaning shows are rated higher than North American series, averaging 7.4 on IMDb compared to 6.5/10

·       Get Organised with the Home Edit is the worst-rated cleaning show, averaging 4.9 from IMDb users, despite being immensely popular on social media

·       Amazon Prime surpasses Netflix as the best place for top rated cleaning shows


New research by Gtech, the cleaning experts, has revealed that Sort Your Life Out, hosted by Stacey Solomon, is already the best-rated UK cleaning show of all time.


The research analysed 20 of the biggest cleaning shows from Britain and North America to find the series with the highest IMDb user ratings. This included every top cleaning show from the millennium onwards.


The data found that Sort Your Life Out had the highest average score for a UK series, despite only debuting earlier this month, averaging 7.9/10 on the popular movie database.


And while the BBC show is not the highest rated cleaning show overall in the dataset (American series Hot Mess House scores 8/10 on IMDb), Stacey Solomon leads UK-produced cleaning series to victory over North American efforts. (British series average an IMDb rating of 7.4, eclipsing North America’s average score of 6.5.)


At the other end of the spectrum, Netflix’s Get Organised with the Home Edit holds the unfortunate title of the worst rated cleaning show in the dataset, only mustering 4.9/10 from unimpressed users. 



The data by Gtech further highlights how Netflix is struggling to gain traction with their cleaning shows. 

The streaming giant only averages 6.1/10 on IMDb for all their top cleaning series, which is dwarfed by Amazon Prime’s 7.4 rating.

The research also revealed that 2001-2005 was the golden age for new cleaning shows. This era averaged an IMDb score of 7.3/10, which included such cleaning classics as Clean House, Clean Sweep and How Clean Is Your House? 


Overall, the frequency of new cleaning shows is increasing over time. The last decade has produced 85 per cent more cleaning-focused series than the 10 years prior, which correlates directly with streaming services exploding in popularity.

A Gtech spokesperson commented:


“There’s no better inspiration for a good old-fashioned spring clean than watching cleaning experts turn chaotic clutter into organised elegance.


“And as Christmas approaches, you’re going to need all the motivation possible to get your own home ready for the festive season. That’s where these popular cleaning shows can come in handy, providing that all-important spark to tackle that seemingly never-ending to-do list.”


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