The Best AliExpress Alternative For Dropshipping 2021

The Best AliExpress Alternative For Dropshipping 2021

Are you are looking for the best AliExpress alternative to fulfill and ship your orders faster at discounted shipping rates? Dropshipping is among the most profitable business ventures only if you depend on AliExpress similar sites.

The best alternative to AliExpress have their client’s profit margin at heart, fulfills and deliver their orders faster and offers real-time inventory update. True, AliExpress has the largest catalogue and so you can benefit from its wide variety of products. But why is many dropshippers are looking for AliExpress Alternatives?

Despite being famous, AliExpress has a complicated refund process; its inventory is filled with fake products, the shipping time is unpredictable and product verification is poor. The most successful dropshipping suppliers today depend on sites like AliExpress to dropship their customers’ orders.

What is AliExpress

AliExpress is an online shopping platform based in China and is popularly renowned for its cheap products. This Alibaba subsidiary company boosts large inventory which amounts to over 111 million different products published on its website.

AliExpress was launched in 2010 and is tailored to suit all international shoppers through its 16 languages. Whereas this marketplace is more suitable for wholesale resellers, single item buyers are highly favoured by the low product pricing.

The majority of the products listed on AliExpress belongs to overseas small scale and large manufacturers. But for resellers looking for gigantic supplies, Alibaba is the best option. Other renowned sites like AliExpress include Amazon and eBay.

Even though AliExpress is a Chinese marketplace anyone can buy items either in large quantities or small quantities. Besides connecting Chinese small businesses with international buyers, it’s also a reliable and trusted dropshipping platform.

To dropship from AliExpress, you don’t need any inventory or a warehouse. Integrating AliExpress with Shopify and WordPress stores is simpler than before- thanks to apps like Oberlo. It’s easy to make huge profits dropshipping from AliExpress when you have the best AliExpress Alternative.

Disadvantage of AliExpress Dropshipping

A few years back, AliExpress was stripped-off its accreditation certificate by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and rewarded with an “F” rating. This was due to bad customer reviews. Most of the customers complained of difficulties in receiving their refunds, shipment of damaged products and delivery of wrong products.

Even though AliExpress has been a highly preferred dropshipping site worldwide, it has many disadvantages. Dropshipping suppliers determine resellers’ success.

If you are planning to dropship from AliExpress, here are its disadvantages:

  • Shipping wrong products and complicated refund

It seems either AliExpress lacks strict product verification procedures or the AliExpress sellers are not serious in ensuring customers get the exact products they ordered. After reading customer reviews, it’s evident some buyers do receive the wrong products even today.

This is further facilitated by sellers who hide links to fake products hidden behind the actual products. After complaining due to wrong items delivery, it takes a long for refunds to be successful. However, buyers mostly receive a third or quarter of what they expect as a refund.

  • Complicated fulfilment procedure

The challenges associated with AliExpress fulfilment and customer care are worth influencing you to consider using an AliExpress alternative for your dropshipping services.

In case you’ll be buying a single item or shopping from one seller, every fulfilment step will be simple and easy. But when dropshipping a bulk of different products from different suppliers, it’s difficult to fulfill, monitor and manage every transaction.

Having no much control over the fulfilment process makes it more challenging unless you seek the services of a renowned and trusted AliExpress agent. How the supplier packages your customer’s orders is beyond your control.

  • Shipping times

Would say a 65-day delivery time is reasonable when your customer’s order is urgent? With the suppliers located in different locations far from your customers, it’s likely the customers will wait for their orders longer than anticipated.

Buyer complaints on delivery delays are common in the AliExpress marketplace. And in case you try faster shipping methods, your profits will be extremely low. Whereas the standard shipping is estimated to be 15-45 days according to AliExpress, shipping has a rating of 2.6 out of 5 stars- Sitejabber.

  • Low-profit margins

Whereas there are some highly profitable dropshipping items on AliExpress, the majority have extremely thin profit margins. Competitor pricing, increasing costs of Cost Per Click (CPC), increasing costs of products and shipping costs have drastically lowered profit margins when dropshipping from AliExpress.

AliExpress – The Conclusion

Currently, AliExpress is still a preferred dropshipping site by many resellers. Low startup costs, zero minimum order requirements, a wide choice of products and minimal overheads have continued to make AliExpress popular internationally.

The ability to integrate Shopify and WordPress stores with AliExpress places it a par with other AliExpress similar websites.

How to Pick the Right AliExpress Alternative For You

To pick the right AliExpress alternative for your dropshipping services, you should consider its software integrations, availability of a dedicated account manager, shipping solutions and warehousing.

Let’s look in more detail at the factors you should consider when picking the right AliExpress Alternative.

  • Product range and categories

Do you know your next bulk buyer? It’s important first to go through the product categories the AliExpress alternative can supply comfortably unless you specialize in a single product line. Dropshipping is about selling the most profitable and trending items.

It’s therefore critical to pick an alternative that has a wide product range and can supply in large quantities.

  • Shipping solutions

Nothing can be traumatizing than delaying the delivery of urgent orders. Any AliExpress alternative that offers the same delivery period as AliExpress isn’t fit for your business. Go for those that can deliver orders within 5-15 days.

To hypothetically evaluate the time taken to deliver orders, research the AliExpress alternative shipping modes and distribution of their warehouses or dispatch points.

  • Customer care and order tracking

When picking an alternative to AliExpress, customer care responsiveness and order tracking should be your third most important factor to consider. Most resellers and buyers on AliExpress are running away due to poor customer care and delays in dispute resolution.

  • Integrations

Ecommerce is made simple through integrations with software tools and other ecommerce sites. The best AliExpress alternative should seamlessly integrate with your store and enable you to automate and track orders.

AliExpress Alternative-Fulfillbot

Going through all the Fulfillbot features and customer feedback, your dropshipping challenges are resolved. A dedicated team of customer care is available 24/7 and an account manager is always available to ensure your customer orders are delivered without delay.

Fulfillbot is a dropshipping supplier with warehouses located in China (Yiwu), Australia, Europe and several regions the USA. Be sure your customer’s orders will be delivered faster.

While AliExpress will take 15-45 days to deliver your orders, Fulfillbot will do it within a splash of 6-15 days.

They also boost large inventory and their capacity to source products directly from the manufactures and supply at a relative lower price compared to the other AliExpress alternatives. You’ll realize a higher profit margin if you dropship with Fulfillbot.

This is a one-stop dropshipping service for all successful online wholesale suppliers and small scale resellers.

It will cost you nothing but only less than one minute to sign up with Fulfillbot if you register now.


The online space is filled with AliExpress alternatives. And while most sites like AliExpress do purport to offer dropshipping services, you should trade with caution.

Tried and tested AliExpress alternatives that can automate your orders and manage all orders to ensure smooth and faster delivers should top your list of best choices.