Every business strives to progress fast. However, no brand can build reputation overnight. It needs time, dedication and reliable review plan to flourish. 

Around 90% of the consumer rely on online feedback by customers. Thus, customer reviews are essential to compete in today’s red-hot marketplace. Social media has become the hub of reliable customer comments nowadays. Therefore, below are given four tips to find customer reviews using major social media applications.

Enable Reviews on Accounts on All Social Media Sites 


Today’s most comfortable social media platform to obtain customer reviews is social media. It is the only place where the consumer directly rates a business.

Nevertheless, a few companies disable Facebook reviews in the terror of negative feedback. This act is a mistake because the businesses with zero reviews miss potential customers. Whether 3-stars or 4-stars, the reviews make your brand likely to catch attention. 


Instagram categorizes those social media sites where obtaining comments becomes hard. If you are facing such trouble, follow the guidelines given below to increase customer reviews on Instagram:

Share stories. Sharing stories is an influential tool in boosting customer reviews on this site. You can also use question stickers as well as visuals in them. Hence, your customers can ask you question as a witness that you are on the scene. This question/answering stems up the communication between you and the consumer. 

Conduct Polls. Businesses invest in bulks in investigations to discover the customer’s mind. Contrary to this, they can do it free with conducting polls. These polls explore latest trends and customer preferences along with the target audience for a company. 


With you online presence on other social sites, Twitter is a must. It lets you spot related conferences about your product and identify the challenges you need to beat immediately.

Furthermore, Twitter is the only platform that depicts the original, reliable personalities of people. That is why you can get the unfiltered pose of your consumer and his demands.

Twitter Poll: Twitter Poll is similar to that of Instagram. It also helps you sit among your target audience and listen to their likings and pain points.

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  • Special Tip to Promote Business using Twitter Comments

You can obtain more favourable feedback on Twitter by automating welcome messages and responses. It is time-saving along with prompt responses to potential customers. If you keep these customers’ questions in pending, they develop frustration.

Acknowledge and Reply to Customer Reviews

 Many companies, as beginners, find it a herculean task to find reviews. The customers do not like to take pain for every average, even positive, experience on the internet. Thereby, if a customer values your brand and leaves feedback, your response can be advantageous to your company’s growth. 

It is not a time-consuming task to send short thanks to the customers. Suppose, you politely respond to a customer. The other customers viewing this activity will feel encouraged to share their ideas on your product. 

Make it Simple to Share Reviews

On-site reviews by third-party become an unpleasant task for customers. They hate to fill a form only to speak a few words about your product. This fact is the reason why the offensive audience is more likely to share comments. Creating pages and channels on social media induce happy reviewers to leave a comment. This way, to make the opinion sharing simple and easy, attempt to be available on all social media sites. To learn about other simple tactics to promote your online business, click on it

Using all social media sites for reviews and prompt responses to the customers is highly recommended. Making feedback sharing easy can help you thrive in minimum time.