How one Hertfordshire business leader is using big company experience to build a portfolio of SME non-exec roles

How one Hertfordshire business leader is using big company experience to build a portfolio of SME non-exec roles

Paul Fegan has been making a huge impact on some of the world’s biggest brand names and is now turning his attention to the non-executive director market where he gives us some insight in to what he is doing and how his skills and expertise have helped numerous other businesses, including the likes of Disney.


Fegan, a Hertfordshire based business leader who has spent twenty years developing and implementing strategic plans for household names, tells us that he was proud to work with the Disney business.  He says, “Working with large, complex businesses has given me the insight and know how to take my skills and help smaller, ambitious businesses scale by using technology.”


Colin Webb, former Manager of Estate Development EUROPE for the Disney Stores says:


“Disney Stores new range of high-tech stores across Europe relied on a modular design, incorporating the latest visual technology, and as such,­­ relied on a range of communications platforms. The time scales for the store fitting out and commissioning all aspects of the store were very tight. One of the issues was that the stores were being built using multiple trades and that was the case for the communications providers, and this was all to a very tight budget. 


At the centre of Disney’s operation was the need for good communications with the outside world. Every store had a range of facilities and these included: speech, data, security, AV and a financial line. The design of the store always included a dedicated space for all their services to be housed, but this space was often the last area to be built. 


To overcome this challenge, Paul devised a “one stop” service, a modular hub for all these services, built and commissioned off site. It was delivered to each store, plugged into the pre-planned wiring and everything sprung into life. He was contracted to order and manage the telecoms, data and other providers and each were given a plan showing where and how they terminated their services. The communications hub plugged into these various interfaces to complete the connection. The service was delivered on time in the UK, Ireland, France, and other counties.”


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