Are These The Biggest Kitchen Trends for 2022?

With yet more covid restrictions on the kitchen table and potentially another lockdown on the cards, your kitchen is going to be busier than ever. And with a lot of households upgrading their kitchens to get more out of them, we highlight some of the most exciting kitchen trends to look out for in 2022.

  • Green and Blue Kitchens

Keeping in line with the autumn trends and winter vibes, using blue and green paint and finishes for your kitchen is one of the main trends to look out for in 2022. Not only does this create some nice earthy tones with lots of colour, it is very chic and in line with the wellness and sustainability feel that has been presented in 2021. 

Green and blues are said to go well with metallic accents, and being complemented with brass and coffee creates a strong finishing touch and very modern feel too. 

  • A Proper Coffee Machine

The days of insta-coffee and quick coffees are well in the past. With more and more people working from home and spending time in their kitchens, they are no longer picking up their Starbucks or Costa on the way to work and they are looking for a proper coffee.

We can expect to see more coffee machines, whether it is with pods or beans and likely to have their own designated area, with the option to open a door to make it public or make it hidden too. This will be complemented with an area for mugs, biscuits, pods or bean holders. But one thing is for sure, coffee is now getting its own place in the kitchen and this is likely to be designed with a kitchen island and bar stools to enjoy the brew.

  • A Side Area for Remote Working

The world of remote working is far from over, with people looking to extend their kitchen spaces to include areas for work. Whether it is a PC computer, a laptop or just a large workbench with drawer or cabinet space, this is an understandable trend for 2022. 

Also known as ‘kitchen zoning,’ this design element is supposed to accommodate hybrid working schedules and also because a lot of modern homes have ditched the dining room for larger kitchen spaces and open planning anyway. 

We may find that this is assisted with zoom friendly areas, desk nooks, table lamps and wall art to give the place a more hybrid work atmosphere.

  • Metallic Detailing

New homes are starting to incorporate more brass, copper and metallic lighting into the kitchen decor. This can look very snazzy with dark paint colour and is also highly cost-effective, compared to marble.

With metallic detailing, we are referring to taps, handles, lamps and lighting and this feeds nicely into the remote working environment, which makes the kitchen feel more like a WeWork than a dishwasher and children feeding area.

Ideally, these materials should be easily cleanable and hygienic and not require special bronze polisher or metal cleaners to be used every so often.