We reviewed 5 different love spells and found our favorite ones

We reviewed 5 different love spells and found our favorite ones


When it comes to love, we can find many guides on how to find ‘Mr. Right’, how to bring your ex back, how to attract your crush and more. They might involve some strategies and some plans to create the perfect conditions to bring love into your life. But love is an energy and love spells are a great way to work with this energy.

We contacted Tina Caro from Magickal Spot and she helped us understand how these spells work and what should you be aware of.

Love spells are spells with which a person tries to bind the man or woman of their desire to themselves with magic. 

The magic of love is nothing more than the attempt to bend the will of another person to one’s own. Love rituals, if strongly believed in them, really work, but the effects can be different depending on the affinity between the caster and the other person. 

To let love spells work, keeping a positive mindset is a mandatory requirement. When feeling negative, angry and frustrated, it is better to wait until these emotions fade away so they won’t compromise the spell and its manifestation. 

There are many different types of love spells to cover all the nuances of love. Some of our favorites are listed below.

5 different love spells 

Tina suggests that if you aren’t an experienced witch, you shouldn’t take these spells lightly. You should either hire a professional witch to cast a spell for you or start with simpler practices.

Friendship spells

Friendship spells are love spells that spread positivity, friendly vibes and affection between you and a friend of yours.


  • 1 pink candle
  • A picture of yourself and the friend
  • A pen 

Light up the pink candle. Grab the picture and write on its back your name and your friends name and add the word FOREVER. Close your eyes and, with intention, say: ‘May our connection strengthen, may our affection empower, may our harmony flow. So be it.’ Let the pink candle burn out at its own pace.

Self-love spells

When you feel you are not able to love yourself or you feel you’re not worthy of being loved, this spell can help you out. Make sure to focus on the words you say.


  • 1 red candle
  • A mirror

Light up the red candle and put yourself in front of a mirror. While looking into your eyes say the words: ‘I am beautiful. I am incredible. I deserve love. I am loved.’ Let the candle burn out completely by itself. 

Attraction spells

If you want to become irresistible to your crush, partner or your husband or wife, this spell can help you be their only thought! 


  • 1 red candle
  • 1 pic of your target
  • 6 drops of rose essential oil

Light up the red candle and while dropping the rose essential oils on the picture say the words: ‘Feel the attraction coming alive. Might I be your one desire. Might you want me in your life. Might I become your light’. You can let the candle extinguish itself.

Obsession spell

If you want someone to be obsessed with you, this spell can help you with that. This spell below is not dangerous but it’s still very powerful and effective.


  • 1 red candle 
  • Rose petals
  • 1 item belonging to your target (a personal item like a necklace, a piece of clothing or something similar works just fine).

Create a circle with rose petals, place the candle and the item belonging to the target inside the circle and say out loud: ‘Feel the energy deep inside…think of me day and night… I am your one true desire.’

Ex-back spells

If your ex left you and you want them back, this spell below can help you with that. Just make sure you cast this spell with a truly loving intention and you will see it manifest within 2-3 weeks.


  • 1 red candle 
  • 1 item representing the relationship once shared with the target of the spell
  • 1 picture of you and the target of the spell being happy together 
  • 1 red cloth

Open the red cloth and place the chosen item and picture in the center. Light up the red candle and chant out loud: ‘Get back to me. Might the spark ignite again. Might passion and love feed our souls and connect out hearts. So be it.’ Now wrap the cloth with the items inside and store everything in a hidden spot in your home that no one will find. Let the candle burn completely.

Thoughts on this type of magic

We asked Tina if she can share with us a few questions she usually gets asked about love spells and witchcraft and here they are.

Are love spells safe?

If you cast spells from a place of positivity, trusting the energy of true love, yes, absolutely. 

How long do love spells take to manifest?

For white magic, manifestation time is usually around 14 days but it depends on the technicalities of the spell. The best thing to do is to give the spell time to work the energy and manifest at its own pace with no rush. Be patient and believe in magic. 

These are very short spells. Are they as effective as long complex spells?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter what kind of spell you cast as long as you do it with commitment, faith and intuition in every step of the process. A short spell can be as effective as a long one. The important thing is the way you work it.

What should you be aware of when working with witches?

When working with witches, especially when asking them to cast a love spell for you, it is very important that the witch you rely on for the casting is actually a real person who practices witchcraft. 

This might sound naïve, but it’s actually a big deal. Many websites are selling spell casting services that are done by psychics that have no real experience with spell work, energies, deities, lunar phases or any other aspect of witchcraft. 

A real witch will have the experience, the skills and the power to help you out. Working with energy is not that easy and if done in the wrong way might cause more harm than good!

So, when it comes to finding the right witch for a spell casting, it is  important that you do some research and try to get in touch with that witch first. Get to know her, connect with her, try to learn her story and why she does what she does. 

You need to rely on someone who is transparent, honest and has a true love and respect for magic so she can be the vessel to help you work the energy and create the reality you’ve always wanted.