Are Garbage Pail Cards Worth Money?

In any case, Garbage Pail Kids have made a lasting influence on collectors, both those who grew up with them and those who are just starting to develop their own collections of the now-famous infamous-turned-famous series.

Some rare Garbage Pail Kids cards have sold for thousands of dollars to collectors because of their condition and rarity, much like many other artifacts. They’ve become so bad that many parents and some professors want them eradicated.

As a beginner collector or someone thinking about selling their collection, this article lists the top 10 most valuable Garbage Pail cards and sets.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #1a Nasty Nick

Nasty Nick, the first Garbage Pail Kids card, depicted a vampire in the Dracula tradition biting into the neck of a lifeless Barbie doll. A mint-condition Nasty Nick card recently sold for $7856.00 on eBay, making him the most valuable card in the original series.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #8a Adam Bomb

Blasted Billy is an alternate name for Adam Bomb, although most fans know him as the only and most costly Adam Bomb. Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb is not only the face of the series, but he was also included in the very first box set. Keep this in mind if you happen to have an original Adam Bomb lying around that’s in decent shape, as they’ve sold for as much as $12,000 on eBay.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #1b Evil Eddie

The mint value of this 1980 Garbage Pail Kid on eBay is about $2,000. Popular and precious among collectors and children, each edition has a varied worth, even if not the most valuable card in existence. The Evil Eddie card’s artwork is identical to the hideous Nasty Nick piece’s artwork. This card depicts a young vampire hugging a happy lady in a white, short dress. Predatory vampire youngster holds on for dear life. There is a baby bat’s pride in her eyes.

Each of the “a” and “b” cards in the first series of cardboard cards has a total of eighty-two cards. “a” and “b” cards vary primarily in the character that was used. Each card lives true to the Garbage Pail Kid moniker, a far cry from the charming and cuddly Cabbage Patch kids.

Of course, each parent’s angry reaction to the cards’ depiction of their child’s distaste was met with anger. Cabbage Patch Kids were a big hit with the girls, but this was a new experience.

In terms of “a” vs. “b” cards, they are generally found the variances on the opposite side of each card. Lists and counterfeit awards might be seen on the backs of some.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #49b Schizo Fran

There are two dolls in this second series, #49b Schizo Fran, and it seems like they’re fighting. Schizo Fran’s name is a play on the word “schizophrenia.”

Pun on the phrase “doubleheader” is the card’s counterpart, #149a Double Heather. The jokes on these cards obviously aim to make light of mental illness. For these and other reasons, Topps chose not to release this card unless it was renamed “Fran Fran” instead of using the term “schizophrenia.”

Because of this, card #49b may be discovered with two different titles, although the “Schizo Fran” card is in demand.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #22a Junky Jeff

Card #22a, titled “Junky Jeff,” depicts a hungry alley cat scavenging through a young boy’s garbage-filled cranium.

According to the probable message here, many children’s minds may be flooded with “trash” in the form of meaningless knowledge or hobbies. As a result, it’s a little ironic that this whole trading card series was designed to reinforce that idea.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #5b Jay Decay

In mint condition, this 1980 Garbage Pail Kid card is worth $900, even though the most recent sale on eBay was just for $500. Probably because it was unwrapped from its original packaging. Jay Decay is a sought-after collectible among card enthusiasts. It might be either a list of achievements or a counterfeit award/certificate on the card reverse. The value of rare checklist backs increases among collectors, mainly if the checklist is in its original, unchecked condition.

A full moon illuminates the foreground as a zombie child rises from the dead on the cover’s front. A lost eye, ragged clothing, and the artist’s attempt to convey as much disdain as possible are all visible. Ads like this one may play on the assumption that nothing good occurs to children when the sun goes down.

It is possible that the parent felt enraged by the card because it seemed to ridicule their beliefs and what they believed suitable at the time. Although the card looks disgusting, it’s simple to understand why it’s so popular with collectors of all ages.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #24b Nerdy Norm

There are many situations when these cards’ names and accompanying visuals are easily linked. I’m not sure what being a geek has to do with puffing on a slew of cigarettes, and chugging copious quantities of coffee has to do with this, however.

I suppose I can understand the “nerd” label and the associated stigma of the “finger in the nose.” Card 24a Nervous Rex, on the other hand, reveals that anxiety and how many individuals cope with it by smoking and consuming coffee are the focus of these two cards.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #8b Blasted Billy

This little card sells for $850 on eBay, even in pristine condition. This might be because it is a copy of the Adam Bomb and not as uncommon or widespread. Adam Bomb’s cousin is Blasted Billy.

They both imagine Cabbage Patch Kid in a tuxedo, his shaggy brown hair erupting like a mushroom cloud explosion. It appears to imply that wealth isn’t everything. Maybe it was a homage to the new atomic bomb.

Even if the image of Adam Bomb is identical in the cardboard box and wax packets, Blasted Billy is worth many thousand dollars less than Adam Bomb.

Maybe “Blasted Billy” simply doesn’t have the same ring as “Adam Bomb.” Maybe by the time Blasted Billy came up, folks were sick of hearing the same commercials. The reality is that most kids had a favorable relationship with Adam Bomb since it was the card blasted on every commercial. So Adam Bomb would’ve trumped Blasted Billy for the youngster and collector.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #55b Brutal Brad

With the publication of #55b Brutal Brad, domestic violence or, at the very least violent relationships were also on the table in season two.

A hairy caveman, Harry Gary, is the natural choice for card #55a, but Brutal Brad is more focused on the violence taking on on the card. This image depicts a caveman carrying a cavewoman away by her hair after striking her over the head with his club.

1985 Garbage Pail Kids #26a Slobby Robbie

This Garbage Pail Kid card is valued at $700 on eBay in pristine condition and sealed in the wrapper. It’s not the most valuable card on our list, but it’s close.

Slobby Robbie depicts a fat child eating ice cream and sweets as the scale erupts under him. The scale seems to be shattering the floor under the young child. It’s not the most positive, but it’s also not the most disgusting. If these cards have any valuable or positive messages, this is one of them: don’t consume too much junk food.


Even after all these years, the Garbage Pail Kids card series continues to be a fan favorite. These cards bring back fond memories for many individuals, especially those who grew up in the 1980s. It might be a fantastic chance for some collectors to get their hands on one of the most sought-after cards.

Having some of the top GPK cards is always a treat, no matter why you get them.

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