Trans Model Counters Beauty Critics and Highlights Boyfriends’ Contributions for Her Photos

Trans Model Counters Beauty Critics and Highlights Boyfriends’ Contributions for Her Photos

QteeFoxx, a leading trans model, is taking a stand against online beauty critics, revealing a surprising fact in the process: many of her detractors turn out to be fervent supporters, paying for access to her images and engaging with her in private, even though they have partners.

Aware from a young age of her identity as a female, QteeFoxx struggled to express this reality until she was 20. At 24, she has accumulated a significant online following, with 220,000 enthusiasts on Twitter. Despite her prominence, she frequently encounters online vitriol, predominantly from men who, ironically, are her main demographic.

“I get so much hate online,” QteeFoxx shares. “But it’s the same men who call me names who then pay money to see my photos and talk to me in private. Some even consider me their virtual long-distance girlfriend.”

She is cognizant of the possible repercussions for these men’s relationships, commenting, “I would 100% understand if their monogamous partner viewed this as cheating. It’s definitely a step up from watching a video of some random girl and a lot closer to having a long-distance mistress.”

QteeFoxx deals with critique regarding her explicit content, yet she champions its empowering essence, highlighting that she is not merely a “sex object” but a person with complexity. “Sharing nudes of myself and my life experiences has really helped me as a trans woman to not just accept, but also love my body,” she states.

Despite facing obstacles, QteeFoxx remains steadfast in her commitment to advocate for representation and empowerment. “I want to make content that showcases me as a human, more than the stereotype, and to help represent people like me as whole beings, with thoughts, dreams, and wants,” she articulates.

Originally from Sweden, QteeFoxx was brought up in an environment where her transition was supported by her family and friends. Presently, she aspires to guide others in understanding their identities and to educate about transgender life.

“I’ve had so many genuine talks with people that have made them stop using slurs and derogatory language against trans people,” she reports. “I just want people to see us as the gender we are, through talking and also, sometimes, having a little bit of fun.”