Innovative Approaches to Customer Engagement: Leveraging AI in Live Online Casino Platforms

Innovative Approaches to Customer Engagement: Leveraging AI in Live Online Casino Platforms

The iGaming industry is just one of several major industries that uses AI-powered tools, systems, and software to enhance the industry to make it more secure, and deliver a more personalised experience to users.

Here is a closer look at how artificial intelligence is currently being used to help shape the iGaming industry of tomorrow.

How is AI used in the iGaming industry?

Artificial intelligence (AI) applications, along with machine learning capabilities and big data, are currently being used in a variety of ways in the iGaming industry – a term used to describe fully licensed and regulated real money gambling websites like online casinos, sportsbooks, dedicated poker sites, and bingo and lottery sites.

Some of the ways that AI, ML, and big data are being used in the iGaming industry are the following:

  • AI and ML systems can deliver more efficient, personalised, and empathetic player support (customer service) responses in real-time, with interactions more human-like than ever
  • AI-powered tools can detect patterns in gambling behaviours to prevent gambling problems from occurring in certain ‘at-risk’ players
  • AI can also be used to prevent underage gambling, bonus misuse, and multiple accounts from being opened by the same play and identify and interpret suspicious player behaviour to prevent cheating and other fraudulent activities from occurring
  • AI can help customise/tailor the online casino experience on an individual level by recommending better game suggestions (based on each player’s gaming history/previously played games, and how long they play certain games) and by offering more relevant bonuses and promotional offers, which the player is more likely to enjoy
  • AI voice and facial recognition software can enhance the security of online casino accounts on certain devices and can also help players place bets and check their balance
  • AI can also generate hyper-realistic live dealers (aka croupiers) that may one day replace actual human live dealers. For example, you may play Crazytime live one day, and instead of a human presenting the action to you, it will be an AI-generated, interactive live dealer

In other words, AI is here to stay and will continue to play a huge role in shaping the iGaming industry over the coming years.

In what other ways is AI being used in the iGaming industry?

Artificial intelligence is also being used in many other ways to take the iGaming industry to the next level. For example, it’s used to simplify existing programs, software, and systems to make a business more intelligent and efficient.

As mentioned, it can improve the quality of customer service an iGaming operator offers its registered members via advanced AI-powered chatbots. It also helps improve security, which fosters a sense of transparency in the iGaming industry.

Finally, the application of AI-powered tools and VR (virtual reality) technology is also currently being explored.

In the future, we are likely to see virtual reality casinos where players can enjoy playing their favourite online slot machines, table & card games, and highly sophisticated live dealer games in the digital realm using wearable VR devices, which will make the online casino experience more immersive than ever.

What are the most popular live dealer casino games to play in 2024?

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  5. Game: Live Power Blackjack. Type: Standard/Classic Blackjack with multiple side bet options

Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data will continue to be used to improve many areas of the iGaming industry. It will also shape the industry in other ways we cannot yet foresee.

From a player’s perspective, there has never been a better time to play at globally renowned online casinos like 10bet. iGaming sites are safer and provide a more personalised experience than ever.