How can a creative virtual assistant help you?

Family and friends always ask me the same question: What is a creative virtual assistant? Moreover, what does one do anyway? The term virtual assistant had never occurred to me until I got started. Pearl Lemon Outsourcing helps you hire the perfect PA for all your jobs.

Honestly, I hadn’t even heard the term! Then I heard the term “virtual assistant” from wedding vendor friends. As it turns out, I’ve developed the skills necessary to become a virtual assistant for wedding professionals due to my years of experience in the industry!

There are a lot of terms for what we do as creative virtual assistants, even though I call myself one of them. They include a social media manager, digital marketing expert,Pinterest expert, among others!

In what ways are virtual assistants useful?

Virtual assistants are freelancers who provide clients with various services, usually remotely.

Virtual assistants will likely specialize in some field, something they are really good at. For some, it may be accounting or QuickBooks; for others, social media and marketing.

A 1099 will be issued to you if you work as a subcontractor. Your employer will be responsible for paying your taxes and health insurance. Working remotely can be done in addition to your 9-5 job.

Being a remote worker is not the same as being an employee. Remote workers are independent contractors who run their own businesses.

The fact that some businesses may consider us as employees is important to keep in mind. In our contract, we set our own rates, prices, and turnaround times, because we are independent contractors.

Do virtual assistants have the same rights as employees?

Virtual assistants are often mistaken for employees. The truth is that we work independently.

Therefore, we provide our own benefits, computers, health insurance, and so on. However, we are more than just in-between staffing positions! Many clients will be long-term clients, and some are project-based; others will work with you for 1-3 months.

Hiring a virtual assistant has the following advantages over hiring an employee:

  1. You will not be charged any hidden fees. Business owners are responsible for a lot of additional costs associated with employees, whether they are paid an hourly wage or a salary. It is possible to deduct payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, time off, sick days, leave, as well as benefits and other expenses. All of these are not your responsibility when you hire a virtual assistant! Providing my own insurance, holidays, and benefits, as I am a contractor.
  2. It can save a lot of money. It costs more than $30,000 per year to hire a social media manager or community advisor. Monthly salaries range between $500 and $1200. Even if you pay someone $1,000/month, that is only $12,000! Keep in mind that prices will change based on the number of channels they manage or how much content they create. The cost is typically thousands below hiring a full-time employee.
  3. My time off is not remunerated. Hiring a VA has several benefits, including the fact that you only pay for the hours and projects that you work on. I don’t get paid when I take a break. In the event of running late, I won’t be compensated. Compared to being an employee, this is greatly advantageous!
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