New Survey Reveals What Makes Your Small Business Appear Larger and Professional

Leading provider of virtual assistant software eReceptionist has announced the results of a survey undertaken by over 800 British consumers. The data provides new insight into what people think gives brands a greater commercial appeal.

June 2018, London UK — eReceptionist, virtual receptionist service providers, has revealed the results of a new survey targeted at typical British consumers. Members of the public were asked to identity factors that they found to influence their opinions of professionalism and branding when it came to a small-to-medium sized commercial entities.

The data gathered from survey respondents highlights three major factors consumers stated were important to creating a professional business persona:

➢ 60% of respondents stated that having a business website is crucial to a professional brand image

➢ 38% believe a social presence is essential for competing with larger corporations

➢ 33% identified 24/7 customer support and automated phone answering services as a key part of establishing a bigger and more approachable business

Results of the survey also revealed customers place certain significance on others features of business too, including the use of 0800 phone numbers and a registered corporate address.

Rory Whelan, European Marketing Manager at eReceptionist, spoke about the survey results:

“Our goal for this data was to continue our efforts to support growth amongst the small business community. Professionalism and commercial appeal are increasingly important for many brands seeking to contend with larger businesses. Not every company has the massive amounts of resources available to offer what the biggest names in business do, but our survey results show that, with a few small investments, even the smallest brands can start to build a profile that rivals major corporations.”

A larger, more professional presence is critical to success in many industries, such as finance, legal, security, real estate and energy supply, where commercial credibility is vitally important to secure customers. Using the data gathered by eReceptionist, small businesses looking to improve their professional appearance are now able to use these results to boost their prospects and grow their brand.

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