Things to Not Forget If You Are Viewing a House.

Things to Not Forget If You Are Viewing a House.

Drive By Beforehand:

Before you view the interior of a property, it’s a good idea to get a feel for the outside of the property. First impressions are everything, and sometimes it’s a good idea to go and make a judgement for yourself without the added pressure of an estate agent being there. By seeing the property outside prior to your viewing, you can tell a lot about the property- while also getting a feel for the area. Through scouting the local area, you can see whether there are any amenities close by, what the traffic is like at certain times such as rush hour, and if there are any schools or local transportation nearby.

Be Prepared:

Before you go for your viewing, it’s important to have an idea of what you are looking for from that property. Make a list of everything you think is important, as this way you won’t forget or be too overwhelmed with information to remember the specifics you are looking for. If you’re struggling to think of things to account for throughout your viewing, then here is a simple breakdown of questions:

Inside Each Room:

  • Do all the light switches work and electrics in general?
  • Is there much storage throughout the house and does this work for you?
  • What is the décor like in the house- both style and condition wise?
  • Are any of the rooms overlooked by neighbours?
  • Is the flooring in good condition?
  • Is there damp inside the property?

Doors and Windows:

  • Are they single/double/triple glazed?
  • Are the frames in good condition?
  • Do the locks work and are there keys available?
  • Do the doors and windows open and close easily?

Exterior of the Property:

  • Will the garden need a lot of maintenance?
  • How overlooked is the exterior of the house?
  • Is the property south or north facing?
  • What is the general condition of the exterior like? Are there any cracks/missing tiles on the roof etc.?
  • Is the building itself structurally sound? Ask about recent surveyors checks etc.
  • What state are the drains and gutters in? Are they relatively new and clean?
  • What is the parking situation like? Does the property have a garage, driveway, or does it offer off-road parking?

Take a Friend to the Property Viewing:

It’s very important to never go to a property viewing alone. Not just for safety reasons, but also because two pairs of eyes are better than one. By taking either a friend, partner or relative, the viewing will immediately be safer. Additionally, it is an extra person to discuss the property with and if you have any ideas while you are viewing the house.

Be Thorough:

It may seem as though you are being over the top by being thorough throughout the house viewing process but going over everything again and again is the only way to be crystal about what you’re getting yourself into. Buying or renting a house is a huge investment, and it’s only right to be entirely sure about what’s in store.

Ask More Questions:

Aside from the questions listed above, it’s important to keep asking questions. While you’re looking around, envision yourself as the owner or tenant of the property. By doing this, you will be able to come up with more questions and find any answers to maybe the more obscure questions. Think about things such as monthly bills, what is included with the property and the history of the building itself.

Build a Friendly Rapport:

Establishing a rapport with the seller will make your house viewing that little bit more memorable to the seller- which is especially important and useful if you love the property and want to put an offer in. Also, a good relationship with the vendor can sometimes make for a smoother sale too.

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