Huge drive for green jobs in Devon as council partners with Retrofit Academy to create energy careers

Fully-funded training programmes across all levels are opening up new opportunities in energy-efficiency sector at a crucial time


The Retrofit Academy – one of the UK’s leading not-for-profit training providers – is partnering with Devon Council to build a skilled green workforce at a time when energy-efficiency roles are more critical than ever. 
Drawing on resources made available via the £220m Community Renewal Fund, The Retrofit Academy will deliver a range of fully-funded training programmes intended to create hundreds of careers in the energy sector and improve local employment rates. 

Courses are available for everyone from complete beginners to established architects – providing participants with a basic grasp of domestic retrofit right through to skills required to become a retrofit coordinator. 

Fully-funded training programmes include: 

Level 2 Award in Understanding Domestic Retrofit 


What is this course? 

A solid foundational understanding of domestic retrofit – including detailed domestic retrofit needs and requirements, health and safety, protection of the retrofit workspace and common installation practises.  

Who is it for? 

Anyone looking to begin their retrofit journey and people hoping to improve their understanding of the sector. 

What does it involve? 


A 30-hour online course, delivered by a dedicated eLearning platform – which means students can take the course anywhere at any time – before a one-day tutor-led session.


Level 3 Certificate in Retrofit Advisor Bootcamp

What is this course? 

This programme is being delivered in partnership with Generation, a global non-profit which trains learners facing barriers to employment. It teaches participants how to spread knowledge and expertise when delivering retrofit to UK homes,before connecting them to employers through matchmade interviews.

Who is it for? 

Primarily those are seeking a new career, with the programme equipping enrollees with the skills to advise on best practises in a rapidly growing industry.

What does it involve? 


132 hours of blended learning including online and in tutor-led bootcamps. 


Level 4 Award in Retrofit Assessment 


What is this course? 

A delivery of new industry standard retrofit assessments under PAS 2035 requirements.

Who is it for? 

Established Domestic Energy Assessors who must be aware of new requirements and are seeking a crucial upskill opportunity. 

What does it involve? 

40 hours of e-learning, supported by a one-day tutor-led bootcamp. 

Level 5 Diploma in Retrofit Coordination and Risk Management 

What is this course? 

A course teaching the required knowledge and skills to qualify as a Retrofit Coordinator, a crucial new role required by the PAS 2035 standards. This essential profession will be key to delivering the challenging task of retrofitting 27 million homes across the UK in the next 30 years.  


Who is it for? 

To become a Retrofit Coordinator you need to have an existing qualification and experience in the built environment. 

What does it involve? 


145 hours of eLearning alongside options for online or tutor-led bootcamps. 

Upon successful completion of the Level 5 course, Devon County Council in partnership with The Retrofit Academy will guide the candidate through the Trustmark approval process which in turn allows the newly qualified Coordinators to immediately operate in funded retrofit. 

David Pierpoint, CEO at The Retrofit Academy commented: “Our vision is a world where every home is warm, healthy and low carbon. 

“To deliver 27 million retrofits over the next 30 years in the United Kingdom, we need an army of retrofitters in professional, technical and skilled craft roles.”

In addition to educational and upskilling programmes, Devon County Council will be providing organisational support to SMEs across the region, helping over thirty companies to secure Trustmark approval – the benchmark standard required by companies in funded retrofit projects. 


Applicants can find out more about The Retrofit Academy, and the programme of courses and support available by visiting

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