Gynecomastia: its reasons and what are the remedies for it.

This era of world dynamics is facing lots of disorders and disease prevailment. Have you ever heard someone being a man developing female characters, or other way round? Well, the notion is not so novel.

Out of all these disorders, gynecomastia is one to be talked about. Have you ever heard about that? This order is one of a kind where a man suffers from unwanted breast tissue growth. Yes! Cannot believe that?

This article will wash away your concerns and doubts about gynecomastia istanbul.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a disorder of unwanted or, sometimes, uneven growth of breasts in men or boys of any age. The development of these female tissues may be sometimes really painful.

Gynecomastia is not necessarily a genetic disorder. It may be due to uncontrolled hormonal imbalance.

When does this happen:

Gynecomastia most necessarily happens during puberty or adolescence phase. The hormonal changes, if not normal, that take place at teenage phase lead to this situation.

This enlargement is due to the release of excess women hormones in the men’s body that cause female characteristics to appear.

What major reasons lead to it?

Two hormones, that are estrogen and testosterone are responsible for secondary or glandular growth in man and woman.

If these two hormones, in any case, get excessive or restricted release it may cause different unwanted body growths in both men and women.

In gynecomastia, excessive estrogen hormone is responsible for enlarged breasts growth in men. Estrogen is normally a women’s secondary growth hormone but if in the teenage phase it releases excessively in boys their chests grow unwantedly.

Mainly the less testosterone discharge comparing to estrogen in men, is the cause of this disorder.

What are its major symptoms?

This enlargement of breasts tissues can lead to so many uncomfortable pains and embarrassing situations. It has many symptoms to it that can be pretty much diagnosed by a normal person.

  • One or both breasts enlargement:

First in line is the enlargement of men’s chests sometimes referred to as ” men boobs ” . This enlargement can be of both breast’s tissue or one at a time.

  • Pain, in young boys:

As breasts grow out of normal growth they become itchy and painful sometimes. In young boys, pain is really uncomfortable and unbearable at some point.

This pain is majorly due to the not-so-normal development and it occurs mostly at the adolescence phase.

  • Breasts insensitivity:

The breasts become sensitive to everything rubbing against them. It may even be the piece of cloth of the shirt you are wearing or anything that gets in contact with them.

Normally the nipples grow and are really sensitive to whatever comes their way. This leads to constant pain and annoying discomfort.

  • Swollen breasts:

Swollen breasts are a nightmare to every being on earth. You might have seen someone in constant pain and agony due to swollen breasts. Breasts become red and really painful to touch.

Swollen breasts are the cause of constant pain even when something is not in contact with them.

They are irritating, annoying and equally embarrassing for a man to go around with.

  • Discharge from breasts:

If this becomes severe, sometimes there can be a discharge from breasts. Man breasts are not supposed to be large and discharge but in gynecomastia these things happen making a person uneasy.

What are the ways to cope up with the disorder?

There are a number of ways to treat this disorder just like giving consumption of anti-androgen, anabolic steroids along with androgens or surgery.

If the disorder is very severe and medications cannot be of any help then you have to go for surgery. Surgery is the last option when it comes to this but it is safe and effective so far.

Final thoughts:

Human health is important to pull off the basic tasks of daily life. If someone has a disorder, he can not properly do his work and always stay in constant agony.

Make sure that you and people around you are safe and healthy.