Avem officially presents its DeFi financial services with the security and transparency of Swiss Law

Based on the Polkadot ecosystem, the new infrastructure is a global financial services platform for multi-asset investors. Avem proposes a safe and transparent environment in which both retail investors and institutions operate. The inclusion of new investors is an obsession.

The next generation of DeFi should make the industry more accessible to everyday users around the world and thus build greater trust through quality protocols and product transparency.

Avem is the DeFi Layer 1 parachain on top of Polkadot. It is the connection of the investor with the Polkadot ecosystem through a decentralized exchange (DEX), with access to credit, with DeFi products, and an accelerator platform, created for token pools and cross-chain auctions, in a decentralized and interoperable environment.

“The goal is to solve the biggest problems that DeFi will face in the future, such as regulations, security, and complexity, with a fully law-abiding protocol based on blockchain technology,” says Alex Hernández, co-founder and CEO of Avem, a brand new financial institution.

“Avem’s foundations are built on the peaceful, absolute security of Switzerland,” comments Bernat Ferragut CFO of Avem, explaining that the Alpine country “is one of the few countries in the world where there is a regulation regarding cryptocurrencies.”

Due to the responsible attitude of some governments, individuals and institutional investors are starting to think more and more seriously about proposals like the one from Avem, a company that aims at helping its members move from traditional finance to the cryptocurrency space due to its high yields and its decentralized philosophy.

The founders of Avem noticed this trend and thus explained that they believe that the next generation of DeFi should make the sector more accessible to users, creating greater trust through quality protocols and product transparency.

The vision of its executives is not only to create one of the first and strongest DeFi infrastructures in the Polkadot ecosystem but also to offer a place where institutions can invest their money safely, with Avem being the door they need to start entering in the crypto world.

The company’s services are aimed at people and institutions that are looking for a way to enter the crypto world with a regulated protocol in which they can finally feel safe through a protocol that is fully respectful of the law.

About Avem

Avem is a Swiss-based Cross-Chain DeFi infrastructure built on top of Polkadot as a Layer 1 blockchain and focused on retail investors and institutions.

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