The Key To Personal And Business Success Training Sessions

More Than Venice now offer training sessions that help business leadership teams discover the key reasons customers purchase from them.

Sessions help clients understand their true competitive advantage, creating stronger marketing strategies and communications plans using that knowledge. The end result is an actionable plan that can be implemented immediately.

Working on both an individual and business organisation level, attendees first explore their personal motivations to boost their performance levels. This understanding is then applied to their business and the reasons customers purchase its products and services. All sessions are customised to the number of attendees and based on business goals that are identified before the sessions begin.

Leadership teams can now benefit from sessions:
1. ‘Helping your customers understand why they should choose you not the competition’
2. ‘Building a meaningful company culture based on ‘why?’’

All training sessions include dedicated guidance from a marketing consultant who will assist with or begin implementation to a time line established on business needs.

To demonstrate the many benefits of their sessions, More Than Venice founder and strategic marketing consultant Theodore Bigby presented ‘Harnessing Your Inner Motivation for Business Success’ to the Bay Area Marketing Meetup.

Now available to view on YouTube, Bigby demonstrated how individuals understanding ones own inner motivation using the question ‘why?’ can be applied to a business identity and new customer acquisition.

Using real world examples, Bigby placed the spotlight on the need for companies to have a strong
sense of their own ‘why?’ if they want to boost growth through developing a strong brand affinity with potential customers.

“As soon as you understand the real reason for what you do and the true motivation behind your customer’s buying decisions, you’ll make a lot more sales and those customers will stay loyal” said Bigby.

About More Than Venice
More than Venice is a full-service marketing agency specialising in services to manufacturing and service management companies. Our vision is to facilitate the growth and development of small and medium sized businesses, who drive growth and investment in their local economies.

We accomplish this by helping service providers deliver powerful messaging that addresses the key reasons customers purchase from them. Focusing on new customer generation and retention through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and content marketing to create sustained growth for our clients.

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