Cost of Veneers in Turkey in 2022

The cost of veneers in Turkey in 2022 is a topic of interest as a direct consequence of a decade-old phenomenon known as “dental tourism.” Many experts are aptly calling this “cosmetic tourism” because it all comes down to changing your appearance.

This phenomenon has become so popular that a recent survey found that 43% of people in the UK and US are willing to travel abroad (even in pandemic-like situations) to fix their smiles. Well, they do not lie when they say that a smile is the first thing people notice about you when they meet. It is where low-cost porcelain veneers and composite veneers come to save the day.

Even with the perks of the low cost of veneers in Turkey, a common concern of patients is that their new teeth look as natural as possible. A poorly done job gives as much of a negative impression on someone as naturally broken or mismatched teeth. Since changing your smile is such a delicate procedure, which is why at Dentakay, we recommend that it is better to research well before going through any dental procedures. For information:

Eligibility Criteria of Veneer Procedure

If you are debating about getting dental veneers, you need to know if you fulfill the eligibility criteria of the veneer procedure. If you have:

  • Excessive loss of tooth tissue and gum (can be because of bruises and fracture traumas) which is impossible to fix through usual restoration methods
  • Teeth discolorations (dentally known as tetracycline or fluorosis)
  • Naturally or artificially damaged teeth (chipped, crooked, gaps) cannot be fixed with orthodontic treatment.
  • Dissatisfaction with the contours or angles of your teeth
  • Splinting of mobile teeth

Another thing to consider before going for the veneer procedure is to be aware of any potential injury you might have to your mouth. It can be in the form of a broken tooth or from a root canal gone wrong. It would be best if you definitely let your mouth injuries heal before going with another invasive procedure.

Dental Veneers in Turkey

Here is a valid enough reason to choose to go get dental veneers in Turkey, and it is that they are less expensive than many places on the globe. In particular, Istanbul and Antalya are two cities that attract the most tourists.

Not only that but there is a better quality of service and a higher level of dental work experience in Turkey in comparison to the UK or any other European country. Turkey is also openly inviting foreigners to come to get their cosmetic surgeries done.

Another reason for a cheaper tooth veneer process in Turkey is that it is cheaper to train dentists up to international standards than in the West. It goes without saying how the government has ensured heavy investments going to the private healthcare sector, making it a booming industry. It has also made sure that the quality of dental veneers does not fall behind other than making them affordable.

How Much Do Veneers Cost?

Getting your information right about how much do veneers cost can be a tricky one; because there are so many thinking about false positive reviews of doctors and clinics out there. So, even though you are looking for a budget-friendly option in Turkey, you still have to see if they have high-quality products or if the professionals are qualified and experienced enough.

When it comes to the cost of veneers in different parts of the world, prices vary mainly due to geographic location, availability of equipment, and experts. If we look at the UK, the price is £500. In the USA, the prices are higher, falling anywhere between $925 to $2,500 or more. On average, porcelain veneers cost about $1500 per tooth, arguably costing more than resin veneers.

In comparison, the prices in Turkey range between $200 to $250 per tooth. A comparison showing the cost of different types of veneers in Turkey:

  • Zirconium £140EMAX veneers £ 180
  • Metal porcelain veneers £ 90
  • Laminated veneers £ 180

When you are done with the procedure, the dentists guide the patients about what foods they can and cannot eat. They also prescribe antibiotics to take twice a day, a mouthwash thrice a day, and some painkillers just in case. This part comes about.

The prescriptions were an antibiotic I’d take twice a day, a mouthwash to use three times a day, and a painkiller to have just in case. All three will cost you up to £ 10.

In addition, dental clinics in Turkey offer safe options to pay for the procedure. There are two primary options to pay:

  • Cash: Dental clinics allow patients to pay in dollars, euros, pounds, or Turkish lira. Bear in mind that if you pay with cash, some dentists give you discounts to encourage people to pay with this option.
  • Credit Card: You have the option to pay via credit card, but make sure that the bank you have allows you to pay via credit card abroad. Sometimes some international restrictions do not let the payments go through, so it is always a wise choice to double-check with your bank. Your bank will also tell you the transaction limits or if there are some hidden charges, VAT, or commissions for any international transaction. Rest assured, the process is safer and more secure.

And, yes, some clinics have recently started to accept payments via cryptocurrency.


In conclusion, if you are thinking about getting your teeth fixed, you cannot ignore Turkey out of the equation. Dentists are better equipped to deal with patients because they have a significant amount of experience over the course of a decade.

With the government’s push to increase healthcare tourism in Turkey, it is a given that a lot more tourists will visit Turkey to get their cosmetic surgeries done.

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