Transcription is a needle mover for your podcasts

Textual reference of podcasts

Podcasts have become an integral part of our life since 2004. Presenters use them to educate, to have some fun, to educate, or relax. Both businesses and individuals upload the newest audio records to the platforms to promote their content.

Transcription (transforming an audio file into a text) assists podcasts for a good reason. This article discusses the reasons for audio transcription to gain maximum benefit from your content. If your podcasts still do not offer a text version, you may reconsider it after weighing all their advantages to your blog or business.

13 valid reasons to transcribe podcasts

Most podcasts broadcasters aim to omit the transcription process because it is time-consuming. Naturally, when the inspiration flows, you almost have no time to focus on writing or typing your thoughts in the editor. Then applying for professional transcription is a reasonable decision. Consider the overall positive impact of the podcast transcription on your content:

  1. Matching interests of the audience. Many internet users love podcasts since they allow listening to the content even when you are on the go. The number of podcasts users worldwide has almost reached 275 million in 2019 and 424 million this year. The figures tend to grow up to 500 million in the next two years. However, these figures are not all Internet population. Some people still love reading and using textual versions. Transcript of audio content allows grabbing all audiences, whether they prefer listening or reading.
  2. Highlighting the attention of an audience with disabilities: the World Federation of Deaf reports 70 million deaf people worldwide. Leaving your podcast without transcription, you miss a chance to catch the interest of a large crowd of people with hearing issues, even if your content is interesting to them. Also, approximately 1-3 percent of people worldwide sustain intellectual disabilities. They experience information proceeding complications. This number reaches 200 million people worldwide. Transcription allows accommodating the needs and preferences of the disabled and provides more reachable access to your podcast. It relates to the business owners focused on making their enterprise international especially.
  3. Improving search engines optimization (SEO): search engines can not read audio media. Including the keywords help promote your content and puts it on the first lines of Google, which is crucial when people are looking for something particular. Podcasts listeners can find your content quicker thanks to incorporated words and transcripts. Insert the keywords, and links to the sources, increase your traffic and enhance your overall success in digital marketing.
  4. Spreading the content on social media: sharing a link in your podcasts seems to be a complicated issue. But there is nothing easier than sharing a link in the text. Speech-to-text technology allows sharing quotes, highlights, and interviews, making your content more viral. That is especially important in the educational or well-structured subject matter with extensive usage of data documents, reports, research, and other referrals. Your readers will share the content attracting even more attention to your posts.
  5. Time-saving. Listening to an international podcast occupies at least half an hour. The text version allows your webpage visitors to look through the content within a few minutes to realize if this sort of information is what they need or not. When you provide verbiage with extensive usage of facts, data, and other details, working with text becomes much more convenient. It releases your listeners from taking some notes to withdraw the essentials you mention in the podcast. Hence, by offering a text version for a podcast, an author decreases the chance of escaping your audience to more easily accepted information.
  6. Provides an opportunity to translate: whichever language you speak in your podcast, never forget about non-native speakers and foreigners. Those who do not have good skills in your language will highly likely accept the text version better. The transcribed podcast gives them a chance to understand you, multiplying the number of your audience members in a hundred times. Multilingual content has more opportunities to increase traffic and enlarge the audience in a short time. Also, the transcription of podcast episodes boosts SEO ranking. A user can translate an intelligent transcript to the target language smoothly via various translation programs or with the help of skilled specialists. To get a professional translation, your listeners can apply for the assistance of specialists providing your transcribed file as a source document.
  7. Economizes Internet traffic. People who are on the go with a limited package of MB will not be able to download weighty files, e.g., podcasts. The transcribed file is a good solution for this case. A document with a text for reading weights some KB available even for limited mobile Internet tariff. Providing the content in audio and typed formats allows settling the connection with your audience in cases «no matter what.»
  8. Assists depending on equipment capacity and environment: it happens to everyone from time to time. The transcribed file will come in handy when a headset lets a listener down; or when some problems with the media player occur. Support your audience and provide the convenience of choice whether they want to read or listen, depending on their technical capacity and environment. For instance, reading in crowded transport is impossible, but a cafe is a perfect place for reading. In some cases, people do not have a headset near at hand. They will prefer reading to listening, not disturbing others in a quiet room. Struggle for your audience and provide maximal convenience with audio-to-text transcription.
  9. Becoming a part of studying literature and official documentation: market researchers use the transcripts to scan and search for keywords or direct quotes to turn the podcasts into reports. Many lectures from reputable professors can serve as studying material for students. Transcription provides an opportunity to include the transcribed files into the studying program, business reports, and other documentation focusing on figures, data, and other accurate data.
  10. Builds robust leadership: establishing control is convenient when you transcribe your audio. Release your audience from the time-consuming and tedious search process in an audio library by providing easy navigation and the opportunity to repost a piece of text. Keeping your records in order is advantageous for the podcast author. It allows managing the content and keeps it well sorted.
  11. Helps to generate new content. When the inspiration flows to record another podcast for your audience, you should know that your content is unique. Retelling the things mentioned in the precious records sounds unprofessional and daunting for your regular listeners. Transcripts will keep all your thoughts in order and help manage the whole scope of the situation on your blog or website. With a written version of the speech, you can get inspiration for the following records and supply additional information related to the topic.
  12. Allow getting the maximum benefit from the content. Human transcription services provide a complete range of services, maintaining the grammar rules and punctuation to make your transcribed file look professional. Storing your speech in a document allows absorbing all the said information by a listener without fear of omitting anything and the necessity to listen to your podcast several times to find a necessary sentence or phrase.
  13. Subtitles. The Internet community uses subtitles for various reasons. That is one more way to provide the text version to video files that include all scope of the privileges as with audio files, e.g., SEO optimization, the convenience of watching, translation into foreign languages, etc.

By and large, the importance of transcription services is significant. Even if you have a small blog and do not plan to become popular worldwide, choose the professional way of representing your thoughts. That will impact the quality of your audience: you will grow professionally and provide high-quality content. There are many ways to generate transcription; you can catch the guide in other articles. For businesses and educators, having transcribed versions of their podcasts is paramount.

Wrapping up

While podcasts are an efficient tool to broadcast a large amount of information and settle an emotional contact with the audience, transcription is an integral part of the marketing campaign. Using transcription for podcasts assists in providing a better client service, gives more convenience to the listeners, broadens the audience of subscribers worldwide, and increases social engagement.

Implementation of transcription for podcasts boosts the performance of bloggers, professors, and enterprises. Once you experience a lack of time, entrust transcription to a professional human transcription service. It will help save time and stands surety for a purely correct text for different proposals: documentation, education, or Internet promotion.

Delivering the information to your audience professionally and caring about your clients will serve your respectful reputation, expand the audience of your regular listeners, and inspire you to achieve new successes. Develop your blog page to stay credible and reputable in the line.