How To Create A Friendly Environment At Your Shop

Vaping is growing in popularity every day, with the overall number of vapers expected to reach 60 million by the end of 2022. The ever-increasing demand for vape wholesale supplies makes it a feasible and profitable business venture, as well as a terrific method to assist adult smokers in making the switch to a less dangerous tobacco alternative.

So, if you’ve made the decision to create your own vape business. But, in such a crowded industry, how do you make your vape business stand out? Dinner Lady has plenty of advice and methods to help your business grow in the vape industry, whether you’re launching a physical store or an online shop.


Choosing a name for your vape shop

Having a unique yet memorable store name is a terrific approach to stand out in the vape industry when the goal is to have the name of your vape shop on everyone’s tongue. Isn’t it easier said than done?

Many brand creators and business owners acknowledge that the name for their company or shop came to them as a “Eureka!” moment when they least expected it. Pay attention to talks, epiphanies in the shower, new music, and anything else that motivates you!

Because vape shops are frequently tiny, family-run enterprises, some vape shop owners want to give their establishment a name that resonates with them. This adds a personal touch to the store. Others enjoy coming up with unusual words, puns, and phrases. To avoid confusion and attract the correct attention and clients to your new business, the name should almost always make it apparent that it is a vape shop.

Setting up a vape shop and outfitting it

Vape stores are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Those who allow clients to readily interact with the personnel, the vape specialists, stand out the most. Consider open-plan environments with visible merchandise and easy access to valuable products and vaping guidance.

Themes are a fantastic way to personalise your store. Modern and sci-fi-inspired motifs provide a clean, clinical vibe that appeals to a wide range of customers. They can serve as a wonderful backdrop for brand marketing materials and your own – and customers’ – social media posts, despite their lack of warmth. Customers will be more likely to share images of their shopping experience as a result of this.

Exposed brick and scaffolding is a popular aesthetic that highlights a building’s uniqueness and makes it a fun site to visit, as well as generating social media buzz. Because of the low cost of materials, the warehouse style is also inexpensive to produce. Consider using salvaged wood and scaffold pipes to appeal to a 21st-century audience.

Consider décor themes that aren’t prevalent in other shops if you want to create a real mark on the vaping market and establish yourself as a true independent. For exciting and “Insta-worthy” aesthetics, consider grunge-style décor inspired by spray-painted art and murals, or a rock-style interior with dark-coloured furniture and fittings. Take a page from Dinner Lady’s book and use a light, bright, and softer colour palette to stand out among the vape crowd.

Above all, keep your consumer demographic in mind while decorating and designing your store. What works for one vape shop may or may not work for another. Make a consumer profile and consider your customer base’s average age and gender. Consider what will appeal to them the most, and then create your business around it. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd if you put the consumer first in all of your decisions.


Treat your customers with respect

A great vape business not only stocks the products that your consumers want, but it also gives them fantastic value for money — and not just in terms of price! While low prices are important, many customers are ready to spend a little extra for a pleasant shopping experience.

The foundation of a pleasant client experience is excellent customer service. And what better approach to thank your customers for their business than to demonstrate genuine gratitude? After all, without them, your company would not exist!

In order to thank customers for their support, vape shop owners should develop loyalty programmes. With so many vape shops to choose from, brands should pay attention to customer loyalty. Customers are undoubtedly aware of it. Customers who are rewarded for their loyalty and support are far more inclined to promote your business and repeat their purchases if they are given a reason to do so.

Get your client involved

Customers who are devoted to you want to see you thrive. They enjoy it, even more, when they feel like they played a part in your achievement. Customers can be rewarded for their involvement or purchases by implementing loyalty incentive programmes, promotions, or prize giveaways. This also demonstrates your true gratitude for picking your company over a competitor. Your devoted clients enjoy feeling connected in your business, therefore the more imaginative and engaging you can be, the better.


Small businesses will benefit from the rising ease with which they can build a website. This does not, however, guarantee a positive customer experience or ease of use. Make your website stand out by running at the fastest possible speed to ensure a straightforward buying experience for customers and to make the entire process as simple as possible.

Because many online buyers increasingly browse from the convenience of their mobile phones rather than going on to laptops or desktop computers, your web store must be mobile-friendly. This will give you a distinct advantage over any competitors’ sites that don’t operate well on mobile devices.

The same can be true for physical businesses and face-to-face customer service: optimise your operations, i.e., have enough people on hand to look after customers during busy periods so they get the help they require.

Stock replenishment is critical in both the virtual and real worlds to prevent clients from searching elsewhere when they are unable to make a repurchase from your company. Providing a quick and convenient purchasing experience for your customers will encourage them to return to you for their vaping needs on a regular basis.


Above all, have fun! Look for inspiration everywhere around you, but make it your own. Consider your own interests, abilities, and hobbies; how can you incorporate them into your store to improve the client experience? What are your strengths, values, and distinguishing characteristics? And, most crucially, how can you put all of this together to meet a market need? Your vape shop will stand out and prosper in the vape industry if you fill an unmet demand or provide a new and refreshing experience for your clients.