Winter Storm Damage Restoration Services

Winter Storm Damage Restoration Services

Cold weather causes a great nuisance to various homes and buildings. If a storm is included in this snowy weather, tremendous water damage like frozen pipes and collapsed roofs can be caused. Protect your house during unpredictable winter weather with Colorado Springs restoration services. If the unthinkable happens, we will be there to help pick up the fallen pieces and restore your home to perfection. Colorado Springs restoration services are trained experts for all repairs, irrespective of location, and are available 24/7 at service.

Things That Require More Than Just Quick Fixes

  1. Frozen pipes – During the snowy weather, pipes freeze and even burst after a particular time, which causes extensive water damage and needs urgent attention. These pipes could be used as the Swimming pool supply line, Outdoor hose bibs, water sprinkler lines, etc. Also, a pipe containing areas like storage rooms or basements could be at high risk and thus needs fixes on time.
  2. Ice dams – This term is used for snow accumulated on uneven rooftops and is likely to damage the roofs or other edges. Also, they could cause leaks inside homes and other balcony areas. Thus, calling a professional is the ideal choice, which minimizes our workload and saves us time, providing the best efficiency.
  3. Damage to roof – There are chances of the roofs collapsing because of the extra weight of the ice or snow. Moreover, cracks are seen and can be fixed only by trained experts.
  4. Water extraction after the damage – Removing water from certain places isn’t easy and could cause various microorganisms growth. Moist Mapping – Damages after the havoc of snow aren’t always visible. But, these tiny cracks or leaks could slowly break down and cause a great deal of damage to buildings. Thus, to prevent further injuries calling the right services is the suggested solution.

What to do in Such Situations?

Maintain Your Cool

When an emergency occurs, it’s normal and tempting to freak out. However, do your best to take a few slow breaths to think clearly. Making excellent decisions is critical. Although you might have to act quickly, one should always believe thoughtfully when making decisions that require thorough consideration.

Make Sure That Everyone is Safe

If a building or a floor is damaged, it puts everybody on the grounds in danger. As a result, you need to ensure that everyone in your family including visitors, customers, and staff is protected. Bring people out of any affected regions as soon as possible. Make a headcount to ensure that you are aware of everyone’s location. If the property is hazardous, you may need to find a temporary home for your family or a place for employees to work until it is repaired.

Turn the Electricity and Water Off in the Regions That are Affected

Snowstorms frequently result in leaks or floods due to damaged roofs or bursting pipes. Letting the water run could exacerbate leakage while keeping the electricity on could result in a flame and thus cause fire, which would exacerbate the damage. You must make sure you know where the cutoff valves and breaker’s location. Turn off the water supply to any places that have been damaged, and contact utility companies if you require assistance.

Keep Track of any Losses

Make careful notes on anything impacted by the hurricane damage as quickly as possible. Furnishings, commercial equipment, personal files, jewelry, and other items may be included. This list will come in handy when filing insurance claims, notifying institutions like the Red Cross of your needs, and procuring replacements to assist you in getting back up and running as quickly as possible. Take pictures of everything as well, especially before doing any repairs. It is necessary to file an insurance claim.

Contact Colorado Springs Restoration Services

Enlist the assistance of a qualified restoration firm to repair or replace and restore the damage caused to your homes and buildings. Hundreds of business and residential clients have relied on Colorado Springs restoration services. They help recover structures from storms, both large and small. Moreover, it has helped companies and homeowners recover from storms, hurricanes, and neighborhood floods.