From Paramedic to Founder of Award Winning Kitchen & Cleaning Product Brand!

From Paramedic to Founder of Award Winning Kitchen & Cleaning Product Brand!

After working as a Paramedic in the NHS for 10 years, Dan the Founder of KitchTool™ wanted to get out of the rat race whilst still helping others. Whilst standing at his kitchen sink during the pandemic, the KitchTool™ Silicone Sponge was born. He was fed up of those stinky, bacteria ridden, environmentally damaging kitchen sponges and found the solution! 

Award winning Kitchen and Cleaning Product brand, KitchTool™ has grown from strength to strength over the past 2 years. Dan wants to share KitchTool’s vision to support customers in finding eco friendly alternatives to everyday wasteful consumables that not only support the environment, but support customers pockets.

To date, KitchTool™ customers have helped save 2.3 tons of harmful plastic sponges from going into landfill whilst supporting the plantation of new trees and worldwide environmental projects. 

In April KitchTool’s Amazon favourite, The Trusty Trio of Silicone Sponges were ranked No.1 in the Top 5 Silicone Dish Sponges in the Top 10 MSN Cleaning Products. In May, KitchTool™ won Kitchen and Cleaning Product Company of the Year in the London and South Prestige Awards.

Their products continue to be shared and liked by many influencer and hinchers on social media including, @home_at_lower_hazeldines and @homebloggermumuk. 

Elated by the award and the companies achievements in such a short space of time, founder Dan said; “This truly is an amazing award to win for our small business. Hearing the judges comments on why we received the award was humbling. Our customers small collective changes to KitchTool™ eco alternative have huge environmental impacts!”

He went on to say; “Thank you to the amazing KitchTool™ team, all our customers, followers and the Prestige Awards team because without you, we really wouldn’t have achieved this.”

Dan wants to encourage customers to make small changes in their daily buying choices to support cost effective, positive environmental alternatives whilst inspiring other young entrepreneurs to make the jump into business through sharing their amazing achievement.

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