Property-Obsessed Pooch Helps Brits Navigate Risky Fast Home Buyers

Property-Obsessed Pooch Helps Brits Navigate Risky Fast Home Buyers


Now I’m no puppy. But I’ve seen too many of my two-legged friends fall prey to the cunning tactics of the UK’s ‘fast home buying’ companies.

There are some sly cats behind those companies…

‘Sell your home for cash now!’ they purr in those hissing little ads.

– Avoid estate agents! 

– Get money in your account in 10 days!

– Guaranteed Sale in 48 Hours – No Fees!

And there’s a fair bit of smoke and mirrors behind those seductive meeows. They’ll try to steal your home from you by chucking you a chilli pepper – yuck!

Some of the stories we’ve heard have made me and my fellow canines howl with grief : (

There was Mr and Mrs Walker from Manchester who were offered £270,000 for a £300,000 property. They were happy to accept this for a quick sale because they needed to raise some funds and pay off their mortgage so they could downsize. They were promised the money in 3 weeks from a ‘cash buyer’ and asked to sign a contract which put a leash around their necks. Yelp – I know how that feels!

Months later and they’d received nothing. Their new owner didn’t even throw them a bone. Eventually the same ‘fast home buyer’ tried to offer them £185,000 for their home valued at £300,000, fully aware they were facing financial hardship with another 6 months on the clock. And the buyer didn’t even have ‘cash in hand’ as they had claimed. Those fast home buying cats have no morals I tell you!

That’s just one of many examples.

So get on the dog and bone and call Property Sale Watchdog to see if we can help you find one of the few legitimate fast home buyers. Or go fetch that toy you humans like to play with and read our in-depth reviews and expert guides. My clever colleague Francis (Detective Dog) has checked those fast home buying companies against no less than 17 criteria to sniff out who you can trust.

And we don’t take the companies’ word for it – Francis does all his own digging. His cousin Felix is also a great sniffer and checks director and financial records. That’s to see if those companies really buy homes for cash or if they’re just pussyfooting around to ambush you. Felix uncovers a fair bit of mud on those companies when he digs around! Francis and Felix are good boys. They pass everything on to Sheila the poodle back in the office who audits our reviews. Sheila is the brains of our operation – nothing gets past her!

And one more thing.

Those fast home buyers always say ‘I’ll give you a free cash valuation’ of your home. But they never give you that instantly. It’s only AFTER they have you cornered all by yourself then they call you on the dog and bone… Then you’re suddenly attacked by 5 stray cats who want to make themselves at home in your home for peanuts!

So instead of filling out your details at five of those dodgy cats’ websites why not use Property Sale Watchdog’s ‘Safe Connect’ feature? 

We’ll walk you through your options with a fully-vetted partner. A company we’ve checked out that is fully legit and passes our 17-point check. We make sure it has real humans there, not shady cats! You’ll get a proper valuation of your property for a fast home sale  – with a clear explanation of why you may be offered more or less than expected.

Full transparency. And nobody can use their catty scare tactics on you because you’ll be well-informed!  Take me for a walk and see for yourself:

And remember: BEWARE OF THE CAT who offers to buy your home quickly!

Yours faithfully,


Head of Barketing


If you would like to know more about Property Sale Watchdog or would like to request an interview, contact Lindsey Wilson, PR and Outreach Lead, at [email protected].
About Property Sale Watchdog is NOT an official body or watchdog. We are a review website that helps prospective home sellers to evaluate fast home buying companies in a straightforward and transparent manner. Our reviews and resources offer guidance to homeowners so that they can make a balanced and measured decision on the home buying company they choose to work with without having to all the research themselves. We know that it can be confusing to decide between home buying companies. Our reviews are independently compiled using external data based on a 17 point checklist. Each review takes several weeks to put together because we audit and fact check everything thoroughly. We also display companies that we don’t partner with, as long as we think they are legitimate. Since the fast home buying sector in the UK is unregulated, our mission is to empower consumers with solid and verifiable information.

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