Highway Restrictions for G2 Drivers in Canada

It is imperative to know the different restrictions imposed on driver’s license holders in order to stay within the ambit of laws.

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The different license categories in Canada usually indicate your experience as a driver. While the G1 category driver’s license indicates a learner’s license, the G2 category driver’s license holder is usually someone who is yet to be recognized as a full driver. G category driver’s license is a full driver’s license that usually has little to no restrictions. Once you advance to the G2 license category, you have to practice and qualify for the fully unrestricted G category driver’s license. Since a lot of practice is required to get recognized as a full G category driver in Canada, the government imposes certain restrictions.

How to become a fully unrestricted license holder

Among the three categories of driver’s licenses issued by the Canadian government, the G2 category is the intermediate one. This means that G2 drivers must pass another test to become G category license holders. To become the holder of a fully unrestricted driver’s license G category, you have to pass a road test.

The waiting period between G2 and G is that of a year, which can be reduced to 8 months on completing a government-approved driver’s education course. In the waiting period, it is essential to practice for the road test so that you can get your full G category driver’s license as soon as possible. Practicing well will make sure that you understand and follow the rules and regulations imposed and also gain the proper driving skills required to drive your car in the city responsibly.

G2 driving restrictions highway — what G2 drivers in Canada should know

For drivers above 19, there are certain restrictions imposed on the G2 category license holders. However, some additional restrictions must be maintained for drivers below the age of 19. Remember that failing to follow these instructions will only defer your chances of getting a fully unrestricted G category license which is extremely important. Also, the safety and security of you, your passengers, and other citizens are of utmost importance.

Let us look at the different restrictions imposed so that you have a clear idea of what not to do to stay safe.

1. You must maintain a zero alcohol level in your body system at all times

No matter the category of driver’s license, driving under influence is not something you must be doing. However, in the case of G2 driver’s license holders, it is more important as this is the stage where you are yet to be recognized as a fully experienced driver. Also, this is the stage where you need to practice your driving skills to the maximum and do not want to overcomplicate things.

It is thus important to follow the restriction imposed. A minimum fine of $1000 will be imposed and the imprisonment can range between 30 days to 10 years, depending on the severity of your crime. This might harm your chances of getting a full G license within the stipulated time.

2. Your passengers must all wear working seatbelts

Since the safety of yourself and your passengers is crucial, the restriction imposed is to ensure that all car seatbelts are in working condition. The passengers and driver, which in this case is you, need to follow the restriction properly and always wear seat belts that work. There are numerous car insurance companies that will offer great affordable rates and complete security to your car.

Highway restrictions for under 19 G2 drivers in Canada

G2 license holders under the age of 19 must abide by certain other restrictions in addition to the already mentioned highway and road restrictions in Canada. The restrictions that are mentioned below are applicable within the hours of midnight till 5 am in the morning and are usually referred to as nighttime restrictions. The restrictions imposed can be divided into two categories. The categories are-:

  1. First 6-month restrictions
  2. Next 6-month restrictions

1. First 6-month restrictions for G2 license holders

For the first six months, only one passenger under 19 years of age is allowed to accompany the G2 license holder during the restricted hours from midnight to 5 am in the morning. However, this is not applicable when a fully licensed driver accompanies you on the road. In that case, many under 19 passengers can accompany you on the trip. However, It is important that the experienced license holder has an experience of a minimum of 4 years.

2. Next 6-month restrictions for G2 license holders

The number of under 19 passengers accompanying the G2 license holder between midnight and 5 am is increased from one to three during the latter half of the waiting period. As mentioned earlier, the restriction is only imposed when there is no fully licensed and experienced driver with you on the trip who has an experience of at least four years.

G2 highway driving restrictions — Conclusion

In order to provide safety for yourself and your passengers, make sure to follow the rules and restrictions imposed by the government. These restrictions are set to keep inexperienced drivers safe so that they can prepare for the final road test without entering into any unwanted accidents.

Thus, the restrictions are in place only as a safety measure. As said, precaution is always the best. Moreover, following the restrictions will allow a smooth up-gradation of your G2 driver’s license to a fully unrestricted G driver’s license so that you become a responsible driver.

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