Which major can help me get into medical school?

Which major can help me get into medical school?

If you are considering pursuing a career in medicine, you will require an undergraduate degree from a recognized college. Choosing college majors that guarantee success is often challenging. Many aspiring medical students have a misconception that following a science-heavy course trajectory in their studies will set them apart. In reality, medical experts encourage potential medical students to focus on the subjects that fascinate them most.

Identifying the undergraduate majors that will make you a preferable medical school applicant and give you an edge over competitors isn’t an exact science. According to medical school admissions experts, prospective doctors should choose college majors based on their interests, helping them develop diverse skills and knowledge. Therefore, choosing a broad major with an array of electives will make you a more competitive applicant for medical school.

This article will delve into the med school prerequisites that will help you to succeed in medical school.

Best undergraduate majors for medical schools

Starting medical school with the right tips and insights based on feedback from alumni and medical school admissions experts will set you up for success. Choosing the right college major isn’t always easy. Medical school admissions experts encourage students to choose a major for doctors that vary from the pre-medical track. Various bachelor’s degrees can help future medical students prepare for medical school.

According to recent data from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), almost 60% of over 53,000 candidates who submitted the MCAT score as part of their medical school application had an undergraduate major that could be classed as focusing on biological sciences. The AAMC statistics also revealed the most common majors chosen by the 22,239 students enrolled in medical school in 2020:

  1. Biological sciences
  2. Physical sciences
  3. Social sciences
  4. Humanities
  5. Specialized health sciences
  6. Mathematics and statistics

Undergraduate majors that prepare you to get into medical school

There isn’t a specific undergraduate major that you should choose to prepare for medical school. However, here are some popular options that can provide diverse skillsets and knowledge that can help you on your journey to becoming a doctor.

  1. Pre-medicine

Pre-medicine undergraduate programs are designed to prepare students exclusively for medical schools. The program provides a deep understanding of human sciences and various medical specialties.

  1. Biology

A bachelor’s in biology will give you an insight into valuable knowledge of life sciences, biological processes, and human evolution and anatomy.

  1. Biochemistry

An undergraduate course in biochemistry will provide you with knowledge of how living things interact with chemical processes. It can also prepare you for a career in immunology and epidemiology.

  1. Health Sciences

In this degree, you will learn about the connection between science and human health. The course provides an in-depth understanding of preventing and treating health conditions using the best medical practices.

  1. Foreign language

Learning a foreign language can give you an edge over competitors when applying for medical school. It will also highlight your ability to communicate effectively with patients belonging to other nations.

Medical schools also give preferences to students who opt for college majors, such as social sciences, humanities, philosophy, literature, arts, genetics, physiology, cell biology, and anatomy during their undergraduate studies. A broad general education proves developing a compassionate and caring approach to medicine. Interested students can consider top-tier Caribbean medical schools to become excellent doctors.