7 Internal Linking Strategies to Boost Your SEO

7 Internal Linking Strategies to Boost Your SEO

IBoost Web can help you experience SEO uptick through one of the most straightforward ways: internal linking. When reading articles on internal linking and the value, it adds to SEO in Atlanta, you’ll agree that it is both simple and complex. However, we can all agree that it is a crucial and effective strategy, especially in content marketing. We believe that implementing the proper procedures strengthens the search-optimized value of your website by providing clear paths for prolonged sessions for users, spiders and a close-knit network of posts and pages. Here are seven internal linking strategies to boost your SEO in Atlanta.

Create Lots of Content

The only way you create many internal links is if you have many internal pages. This gives you a lot of linkable content, enhancing the impact of your internal linking efforts. Avoid cycles, silos, structured flow diagrams or tiers by ensuring all your links direct the user to helpful pages. Our team of professionals can help you develop an effective content marketing strategy to build a strong foundation for your internal linking strategy.

Use Anchor Text

As you maintain the theme of your content through internal linking, your internal links must use anchor texts rather than image links. Although the use of anchor text raises various concerns, we recommend using inefficacious, natural sentence fragments as your anchor text. While image links are ideal when they aren’t the primary source of links, failing to properly alt-tag the images can compromise your efforts.

Link Deep

When it comes to internal linking, the deeper your links go, the better for SEO in Dallas. You should avoid two types of links in your content: homepage and contact us. Many sites have links to the homepage, affecting the strength of your internal pages and overall SEO. On the other hand, linking to your contact information is another mistake made by many trying to establish an effective content marketing strategy. Avoid linking to top-level pages on your site, and ensure the links are natural and go deep within the site’s structure.

Use Natural Links for the Reader

A user-focused approach is a way to go if you want to add value and information through internal linking. One of the essential benefits of internal linking is improving user engagement on your website, allowing them to click links that match the content or context they need. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an internal link, as long as it directs readers to the information they need. However, an internal link ensures the user stays longer on the site and becomes more involved. In this case, you are helping the reader access meaningful content but also helping your SEO in Dallas.

Use Relevant Links

Internal links are less scientific and rigorous than most people think, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be intentional. Avoid linking for the sake of it, but link to relevant content that aligns with the context. Take this as an example; if your site is about dog food, linking to information about parakeet food makes more sense and provides the user with more meaningful information on the subject.

Use Follow Links

While there’s no denying follow links are great for building the foundation for content marketing, you shouldn’t use them as part of your internal linking strategies to keep things fluid. An infective content marketing strategy requires a well-structured internal link design, and follow links is the best way to achieve this. Although there have been controversies on the effectiveness of follow links in increasing the quality of content on a page, it doesn’t work for SEO ranking.

Use a Reasonable Number of Internal Links

Lastly, you don’t need many links in your content, as Google has specified the number of links to include on a given page. Fewer links help you to remain objective by ensuring you link to only meaningful content that the user needs. Limit the number of links to helpful content, and grow your SEO ranking across multiple search engines.

Contact us at iBoost Web and schedule a consultation with our experts to build a successful SEO in Atlanta. Our professionals can help you maximize your internal linking so you can experience a more robust profile and better SEO without breaking the bank.