Introduction to digital marketing for small businesses free training webinar


The range of digital marketing tools on offer these days can be overwhelming. It’s easy to find yourself paralysed into indecision, not sure which options are the best for you, or where best to focus limited resources. If that sounds familiar then this webinar is for you.

This free one hour webinar is a ‘back to basics’ look at digital marketing specifically aimed at small businesses who want to better understand how to use digital marketing to find new clients whilst building better relationships with existing customers.

Our focus is on small businesses who need to make sure they get the biggest bang for their marketing buck. You can’t afford to do everything so how do you decide where to focus? Book your free place on this webinar now and we’ll help you answer this and other common marketing questions.

In just one hour we’ll cover:-

. What is digital marketing? 

Understanding the core concepts and how marketing helps you grow your business

. The elements of the digital marketing mix

Understanding the tools that are available to you as a part of your digital marketing strategy

Brief overview of the pros and cons of core digital marketing tools

. Building a marketing strategy for your business

What are you trying to achieve? How to set effective marketing objectives for your business.

How to decide where to focus your efforts – choosing between the available digital marketing tools and focusing on the ones that are most relevant to your business

Documenting your marketing plan and keeping on track

. Understanding what’s working and what isn’t

What are the key metrics that will tell you if your marketing strategy is working?

How to measure the success of your marketing activities and use that knowledge to refine your marketing strategy so you’re doing more things that work and fewer things that don’t

. Marketing ideas for budgets of all sizes

How much should you be spending on marketing?

How to get results with a minimal budget (or even with zero budget!)

What tools is it worth spending money on and what could you be doing for free?

Who should attend?

This webinar is aimed at anyone who wants to understand more about the range of digital marketing tools available and how to most effectively use them to grow their business. The content will be relevant to any size of business but our focus will be on advice for smaller businesses comprised of either one person alone or a small team of people. Book your free place now.

About Awesome Tech Training

At Awesome Tech Training we enjoy helping clients discover the power of digital marketing. A good website is a vital tool for every business these days and so our aim is to give you the tools you need to build and maintain your own website and social media channels rather than being reliant on developers and agencies to help you whenever you want to make a change.

Our clients tend to be small businesses who don’t have the resource to outsource their whole marketing operation and want to be able to take control of it themselves. Our training is designed to be affordable, practically focused and results oriented so you can start putting what you’ve learned into practice immediately and get quick results.

We’re experienced digital marketers, WordPress developers and trainers who have helped many clients optimise their digital marketing over the years across a range of different industries. Wherever possible our focus is on helping businesses to do things for themselves through training and support, however we do also take on marketing and web development projects on behalf of clients from time to time.

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