Vincent van Gogh’s art: Impressions of Paris

Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch artist that holds an eminent position in global art history. His paintings are prominent figurative in the Impressionism and Pointillism domains.

In 1888, Van Gogh left the Netherlands and moved to Paris to explore artistic movements. Vincent came to Paris unannounced and stayed with his brother Theo for a while. However, Paris gave Gogh an edge in his style.

Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings describe a deep insight into his plight and mindset. To know more about Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork, keep reading this lucrative segment that fills you briefly with his best works.

The Starry Nights

The Starry Nights is one of the most famous Vincent van Gogh artwork. It was painted in 1889 and depicted a beyond-beautiful scene from his east-facing window of the asylum room. It is the only nocturne scene crafted in early June.

The stylized moon dominates the night sky at the right and a Venus-centered left. The whole painting is a mood of symbol and sentiment. The whole painting is a symbol of a creative reality linked with the thought process of Van Gogh. The tree in the foreground links it to death and the artist’s eventual suicide.

This interpretation of cypress symbolism hearkens back to the letters that Gogh used to write to his brother, Theo. In one of his letters, the master linked death to a train that travels to the stars. He even wrote to his brother that the artist considered Starry Nights would be a failure. However, it turned out to be the most significant success in his entire career.

Almond Blossom

In the famous Van Gogh paintings list resides a blossoming canvas filled with flowering trees that were special to him. It was something with long branches extending up into the sky, which intrigued the artist. So he gifted this painting to his newly born nephew.

The artist left no stone unturned in making the subject a masterpiece. He delivered an artwork worth idealizing with bold outlines and positioning of the tree in a plane from Japanese printmaking.

It is a renowned painting with strong elements inspired by the Japanese Ukiyoe prints. Finally, Gogh completed his final series of paintings showcasing blossom trees as an image of rebirth and new life before his death.

Branches with Almond Blossom – Vincent Van Gogh

Cafe Terrace at Night

Cafe Terrace at Night is a colorful painting and a classic canvas in the list of Vincent van Gogh paintings’ names. The colors used to make these iconic paintings are richly profuse to satisfy the human eye. The yellow vision against the blue-black remote street and violet blue in the foreground door is a classic depiction.

A noteworthy thing about this Van Gogh painting is that it remains unsigned by him. It has three separate tiles, yet, as a night painting, it is devoid of black color. In his letters, he mentions that he finds the colors associated with night more deep and meaningful.

The portrait ranks as the second most reproduced artwork between 2000 and 2010. Not just this, it is bizarre to know that the positions of the stars in the nightscape of Cafe Terrace at Night are on point as per the astronomical data.

Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum – Vincent Van Gogh


In 1887, Irises held the record of being the most expensive painting in the world. It was sold for $53.9 million, nearly 100 million or more in today’s times. He balanced the background for his first “Irises” painting by dividing it into brown, purple, and green/yellow sections.

It perceives as underscoring energy and a motion of the purple blossoms and green leaves. It was the first painting Van Gogh started to paint after going to the asylum. Inspired by the flowers growing in a garden where he used to sit, stroll and pass his time.

The very painting was a part of many art exhibitions throughout the world. It was one of the 130 paintings he painted in the mental asylum before he died. Furthermore, Gogh was an unparalleled talent, but most of his successful paintings, including the Irises, were painted during his depression phase when he was admitted to a mental asylum.

The Potato Eaters

The Potato Eaters is conceived as a summation of moral ethics and a closer look at the social scenario of society at that time. Being on top of the famous Van Gogh paintings list, it is an idiosyncratic work of art that gathered a lot of fame. It was his first successful work and is considered a true masterpiece.

He devoted an entire winter practicing the heads and hands before painting the figures in it.

He even moved with his parents to Nuenen in Brabant, where he sketched more than a hundred portrait studies of local farm laborers. These facts state the conviction and seriousness Van Gogh had for his passion for painting.

It is a painting that remained in possession of his family. Afterward, it was taken up by the Vincent Van Gogh foundation and is now on permanent loan to Amsterdam’s Van Gogh Museum.

The Bottom Line

Vincent van Gogh’s drawings are true masterpieces, one finer than the other. His paintings are, to date, amongst the top-selling artworks in history and are easily available online. Look up websites that sell the oil on canvas reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh and learn more about it.