A new wellness retreat and counselling service for Cheltenham and the Costwolds

A new wellness retreat and counselling service for Cheltenham and the Costwolds

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK 14th December –“The Grey Cotswolds is a place of clarity, peace, and a safe space to explore your past, be in the present, and be supported for the future.” –Andreas Patikas, Founder of The Grey Cotswolds 

The Grey Cotswolds is a wellness retreat, where you can spend three days with credible experts in a safe space designed to help you regain control of your emotions, your life, and your happiness. 

“Life is full of peaks and troughs, and it is our job to help you navigate through periods of darkness.”

The expert staff at The Grey can help you realise the root cause of your problem, so that you can make better decisions again. Working through grief, illness, financial pressures, societal pressures, heavy workloads and relationship breakdowns, to name a few, can be an incredibly isolating time. By surrounding yourself with those best equipped to rehabilitate you, there is a higher chance of you regaining a sense of normality as soon as possible. 
The Grey offers retreats, as well as 1-1 therapy and counselling.
1-1 therapy and counselling, can be attended online, by phone, or in the practices in Cheltenham or Harley Street, London. Their sessions are unique because they are all about creating a personal connection between you and your counsellor, therefore, your first session is always at a reduced rate. If you’ve already had counselling but it hasn’t worked, it’s likely that you were at a different stage in your life and weren’t ready at that time, or you had no connection with your therapist or counsellor. A lack of trust means that you will always be hindered in fully opening up, henceforth, negatively impacting the possibility of fixing your problem. 
Anger Management is also offered, a course which is very personal to the founder of The Grey, Andreas Patikas. From the age of six, Andreas suffered mental and physical abuse from his father, which continued until he passed away when Andreas was thirty one. Through separation from his own family, he felt lonely, as he had nobody there to directly support him. Feelings of anger can surface when you feel as though injustice has occurred, and this was something that Andreas has had to work continuously through. He is a member of the British Association of Counselling Practitioners, and he knows firsthand how vital therapy and counselling retreats were to his own healing. As a result, he wants people, just like you, to understand what triggers your anger, so that you can learn to control it and improve your life. 
The Grey Cotswolds is all about creating a haven for you, completely separate from bias, conflict, criticism, ideas, threatening conversation and control. The team has been selected with the intention of forming a perfect support network. 
The Grey prides itself in its no judgement policy, and its guarantee that you will leave with the tools necessary to control your life and your happiness. 

“Andreas has created an environment in our sessions where I feel safe and guided through the experience of therapy. I feel able to bring anything to the sessions, and Andreas has given me so much confidence to communicate the things I want to talk about. I feel very seen in our sessions. Andreas has a great way of validating my experiences and my feelings, whilst also offering perspective to the conversation”. 

The next wellness retreat on the 24th-26th January 2023, for three nights in our beautiful venue in the idyllic Cotswolds.