The Zimbabwean “G 40” and the inner workings of their False Flag Operation

The Zimbabwean “G 40” and the inner workings of their False Flag Operation
There is a USA and UK citizen run false flag movement attempting to destabilize the President of Zimbabwe

This is underpinned by a trail of Blackmail, Violation of American Banking Laws, Human Rights Abuse, Finacial Inducements and State Sabotage.

It’s grand architect and operator is the USA Citizen Maita Nzuwah. The main protagonist, Mr. Crnkovic believes that what appears to be commercial disputes are a deeper false flag movement thinly veiled by a veneer of criminality by the antagonists. It has been learnt that Mr. Nzuwah is involved in a scandal widely commented on in the Zimbabwean Media as “the Glenn Forest Cemetery Saga”.

Essentially Mr. Crnkovic uncovered a hornet’s nest. He had false criminal charges pressed against him, his Citizenship removed, an orchestrated campaigning of extortion, intimidation and human rights abuse against him. On the surface all for the purpose of one group of graveyard controllers, keeping control and profits from the true economic owners who Mr. Crnkovic Representes.

However, digging a little deeper there is a lot more to this eight-year long saga than meets the eye. Mr. Nzuwah is chairman of the Zimbabwean company called Evolution Group (Private) Limited which owns the Glenn Forest Cemetery. He is also a USA Citizen.

It is not difficult for a reader to come to logical conclusions.

Dr Mariyawanda Nzuwah, the father of Maita, was the ruler Robert Mugabe’s closest associate. The advocate representing and advancing Mr. Nzuwah’s groups actions is Advocate Thabani Mpofu. He known as the most outspoken opponent of Zimbabwe’s current President, His Excellency Comrade Mnangagwa. His notoriety rose to public prominence when he claimed to the world that the President of Zimbabwe cheated in the elections. However, the Advocate himself was caught with no evidence in court to substantiate this allegation.

It seems as if a small group of Foreigners, working with some locals, are acting in the interests of a group known as “the G40” and are intent on trying to sabotage the President and Countries reputation as well as eventually re-control the Presidium.

This false flag operation can only have one aim, getting back the power they had before Mugabe fell. In the age of misinformation, disinformation and malinformation it’s hard to spot a false flag movement. However, this seems a false flag operation indeed. An act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party. The complexity is very difficult to understand, and this is by design.

Glen Forest, Padenga Holdings Limited, Dallaglio Investments (Private) Limited and captured parts of the Zimbabwe Law Enforcement System are the final battle ground for the false flag operation. They are all related to the American Mr. Nuzwah Junior and an apt for false a flag conspiracy to effect Presidential Sabotage.

Glenn Forest came under the spotlight when foreign investors claimed their investment had been essentially stolen and that the operations were being run illegally. Their investment vehicle Fopuld represents over one hundred United Kingdom Investors. Fopuld cried foul and took the Companies Mr. Nuzwah is Chairman of to court in Zimbabwe. There is a High Court Case ongoing in this matter.

  • Mr. Crnkovic, the Fopuld representative and a dual Zimbabwean/EU citizen was interviewed and made the following allegations and statements on record:
  • Mr. Nzuwah is known to him as a USA Citizen
  • Mr. Nzuwah is the son of late Dr. Mariwanda Nzuwah, who was at all material times was the closest Government Official to Robert Mugabe and the:
  •  Chairman of the Zimbabwe Armed Forces Commission
  • Chairman of the Zimbabwe Public Service Commission
  • Chairman of the Zimbabwe Police Services Commission
  • Mr. Nzuwah is therefore a USA Citizen who is the son of a Foreign Government Official. Himself and all his associates fall within the Scope of the USA “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”
  • Mr. Nzuwah is therefore a USA Citizen who is the son of a Foreign Government Official.
  • This means himself and all his associates fall within the Scope of the USA “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”
  • Sometime in 2015 Mr. Nzuwah and Mr. Mparadzi under the Mugabe Regime pressed false criminal charges against him, which through their operation unconstitutionally removed him of his Zimbabwean Citizenship.
  • Both Mr. Nzuwah and Mr. Mparadzi made numerous attempts to use the criminal charges to negotiate with Mr. Crnkovic, in exchange for the intended financial prejudice of the true owners he represented in the graveyard.
  • Thus, he was blackmailed by Mr. Nzuwah and his close associate and cousin in law Mr. Fungai Mparadzi (“Mr. Mparadzi”), who is a British Citizen.
  • He was only able to return to Zimbabwe and get his Citizenship back by way of Constitutional Application when the Mugabe Regime fell, and the current President was elected to replace Mugabe.
  • The criminal charge remained hanging over his head and it was only discovered in a court hearing in early January 2023, through a Constitution of Zimbabwe Application, that the antagonists had withdrawn the criminal charge.
  • The charge had no basis in law and the antagonists could not afford for this to be revealed in a court, so they sheepishly withdrew after holding this over his head for over seven years.
  • This forced retreat by them could never have occurred under the Mugabe Regime. It took a new regime for this to happen.
  • He has been advised by legal counsel that certain actions of Mr. Nzuwah fall under the USA “Foreign Corrupt Practices Act”.
  • It is his intention to press criminal charges against both Mr. Mparadzi and Mr. Nzuwah in the Jurisdictions of their Citizenship.
  • He states his legal advisers have advised him that he has the legal jurisdiction to do so.
  • He states that the motive of the Blackmail and False Criminal Charges against him, were to hold something over his head for Mr. Nzuwah and The G40 to negotiate for commercial advantage.
  • This was however the first layer, if one peers a layer deeper it has all the markings of a false flag operation.
  • He was threatened for seven years with commercial obligations placed on him in return for the withdrawal of these criminal charges. Extortionate obligations which he refused to capitulate too. The retreat of the Antagonists seven years later is a symbol of a new regime standing up to close associates of Robert Mugabe.
  • Mr. Nzuwah, Mr. Mparadzi and their associates engaged and deployed Advocate Thabani Mpofu against Mr. Crnkovic.
  • This is the same Advocate that Mr. Crnkovic alleges violated his Human Rights holding an Extra Judicial Trial over him for the Crime of Racism. This was paid for by other related parties of Mr. Nzuwah being the listed concern Padenga Holdings Limited and its gold mining subsidiary Dallaglio Investments (Private) Limited.
  • It seems clear to Mr. Crnkovic that Advocate Mpofu was motivated by the common interests of his Principals in the Grand Conspiracy of blackmail and extortion against him under the False Flag Movement of Presidential Sabotage.
  • He intends to proceed to get remedy in the International Courts using every Jurisdiction and Court he has access too. The primary ones being in the USA and UK.
  • Furthermore he has paid for a desktop due diligence which show that Mr. Nzuwah has unexplained wealth in the USA, and he has never disclosed himself as a Politically Exposed Person.
  • This type of alleged illegality is of the scale that earned HSBC a USD 500 million fine for violating American PEP Banking Laws.
To quote Mr. Crnkovic:
“How can Dallaglio, a Subsidiary of Padenga have paid Advocate Mpofu to hold a hearing over me for Racism? It is clear from the media and letters by Honorable Temba Miliswa to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, that the primary accused were Mr. Michael Fowler and Mr. Zed Koudounaris, how were they were excluded?

How can Dallaglio still be using Advocate Mpofu now to sue me to try and silence me in an ongoing court case?

How can Evolution Group (Private) Limited under its chair Mr. Nzuwah Junior be using Adovate Mpofu to defend the Glenn Forest Investor Theft Fiasco, where I am the director trying to get International Investor Funds recovered?

How can Advocate Mpofu get his client chaired by Mr. Nzuwah Junior to withdraw criminal charges against me they used for 8 years. With such withdrawal occurring only acweek before my final court case to clear my name?

How is it that Advocate Mpofu called the President a liar and told the whole world that he cheated the Elections, yet he lost the evidence in court when the world came to see if he was telling the truth?

How is it that Advocate Mpofu was the advocate trying to get the Zimbabwe Minister of Mines Honorable, Winston Chitando, arrested?

How is it that Advocate Mpofu was the Advocate trying to get the Zimbabwe Minister of Justice, Honorable Ziyamabi Ziyabmi, arrested?

How is it that Adocate Mpofu was the Advocate trying to block the appointment of the Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi?

How is it that Advocate Mpofu regularly calls our current democratically elected government a bunch of criminals?

Just a cursory review can show that this is a Grand Conspiracy by a group of people all closely connected.

All acting to embarrass the President of Zimbabwe.

All under the same false flag movement.

It is clear that there is a grand conspiracy under play by THE G40 against his Excellency the President of Zimbabwe. Advocate Mpofu is an Advocate meaning a legal practitioner.

There is line between plying his trade and using his position to clearly fight, obfuscate, defame and attempt to destroy the reputation of the Office Of the President. He has crossed the line and is clearly in bed with a USA Citizen and a British Citizen in his endeavors. He has been reported to both the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission and the Law Society of Zimbabwe.

The fact that there is no action against him, is indicative of just how deep the reach of the tendrils of corruption are by himself and his foreign paymasters. Ironically that is the exact false accusation he regularly makes against the President of Zimbabwe himself.
Neither Mr. Nzuwah Junior, Mr. Mparadzi, Padenga, Dallaglio, Mr Folwer or Mr. Koudounaris could be reached for comment.

Only time will tell how this situation unfolds and over the long term one hopes the world is of fair and equitable justice. However, history has recently seen in Ukraine just how dangerous a false movement can be.