TicketsCandy: Disrupting the Ticketing Industry with Innovative Technology

TicketsCandy: Disrupting the Ticketing Industry with Innovative Technology

A fast-growing ticket platform is making waves in the event industry with its unique features and advanced technology. Known as TicketsCandy, this up-and-coming ticketing service is changing the way events sell tickets and is giving industry leaders a run for their money.

As a company that prides itself on looking out for the little guys, TicketsCandy is a great platform for businesses and events of all sizes to utilize. From their innovative technology to their free services for event holders, it is hard not to wonder how long it will take for this platform to become an industry leader. Read on to learn more about the incredible features TicketsCandy has to offer and why we believe they will be a well-known brand in the coming years.

Boost Your Sales for Free

With incredible technology backed by AI that automates tasks, TicketsCandy can offer its services for free to event holders. With no contracts or commitments, this can seem too good to be true, but we promise you it is not.

Unlike other platforms that boast that they are free but hit you with hidden fees or don’t share how they make money, TicketsCandy is very transparent about how they make it work. Most platforms will pass a service fee between 7-20% onto your customers, raising your ticket prices significantly at checkout and potentially causing a severe decrease in sales and hurting your profits.

TicketsCandy proudly has the lowest fees on the market at 0.9% which is automatically passed to customers. The incredibly low fees don’t cause a noticeable increase in your ticket prices, allowing you to make more sales and keep all the profits.

Promote Your Event Better

Making data-driven decisions is imperative when crafting your marketing strategy. TicketsCandy makes this easier to do by providing in-depth data analytics that contain valuable insights into customer behavior and ticket sales trends so you know how to set your ticket prices and how to best market your event.

Not only that, but they also offer invaluable marketing tools from Google, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms to track your marketing efforts to ensure your event is a success. Plus, they will happily promote your event/business through their social media, advertising, and other channels to maximize your exposure no matter how big your event/business is. Current industry leaders only promote their big clients, but TicketsCandy cares about all of their customers.

Sell Anywhere Online

Run your box office from your website by embedding TicketsCandy’s user-friendly ticketing widget right into your web page knowing that it will display perfectly on any device and website builder. If you have trouble installing the widget, contact their incredible support team any day of the week for help or watch one of their helpful support videos. On the other hand, if you don’t have a website for your widget to live on but want one, TicketsCandy has partnered with Atavion to provide you with 25% off a custom, premium website to best market your event/business.

Your other option is to create a branded event page with tickets, text, images, and videos in a matter of minutes, then share a link to it with your visitors. With this option, you can share your ticketing widget and information about your event/business with the world without having to build a website.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter what your budget is, you can easily sell tickets anywhere online with a widget or a link that can be shared on your social media or through emails.

Mobile Ticketing with Contactless Payments

In today’s fast-paced world, people do everything on their phones. That’s why TicketsCandy is a ticketing system that allows customers to purchase and access their tickets on their mobile devices, thus eliminating the need for paper tickets. You would be surprised how many ticketing platforms still operate with print-off tickets.

With TicketsCandy, customers can easily add their tickets to their mobile wallets, save the ticket email, or take a screenshot of it to check into an event with a simple scan. Plus, to make it even easier for customers, TicketsCandy accepts contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, in addition to traditional credit card payments through a simple two-step checkout process. With a fast, convenient, and secure checkout experience, customers will be happy to purchase tickets to your events.

Changing The Ticketing Industry

TicketsCandy’s long list of incredible features backed by powerful technology makes it a strong contender in the ticketing industry. Not to mention the fact that it offers its services for free to event holders without risking harm to their ticket sales can be an enticing factor to many small and large event-holders.

Having a ticketing platform looking out for what’s best for its customers instead of raising prices and charging hidden fees is going to put pressure on larger ticketing platforms to do the same.

Keep an eye on TicketsCandy and their continuous technological improvements as they are sure to continue to make a great impact on the event industry.