5 Tips When Planning for Your Next Dry Hire

5 Tips When Planning for Your Next Dry Hire

Dry hire venues are gaining immense popularity as groups and individuals are looking for different ways to create and re-create the best atmosphere at their events, irrespective of the venue. For event organisers, finding the ideal venue that is in line with their client’s vivid imagination is an integral part of the job. However, turning these thoughts into real-life scenarios after several meetings is mostly met by the challenge of getting a suitable location, especially when you live in a busy city like London, with so many factors coming to play when getting a dry hire.

Venuefinder is the perfect place to find a dry hire venue in London, whether you are on a budget or looking to tweak every background detail to fit your occasion. Choosing the location that best suits your needs is vital when finding a dry hire venue in London. Here are some tips to help yo

  1. Have A Clear Vision For Your Event

Choosing the right venue can make or break your event; it is therefore vital to have a clear goal and vision of what you want to achieve. At this stage, you should involve everyone in the formulation of ideas for the event.

In some cases, event planners go to the extent of using visual content such as 3D animations and short videos of what they want to achieve. This helps each member of your team understand the basic elements and motivate them to give their best efforts.

  1. Communicate Your Desires

Communicate your desires with the venue and, if allowed, physically inspect the venue to see what’s on the ground while sampling your ideas. Proper communication will reveal any limitations as well as the best ways to improve on your plans for the event.

  1. Know What to Expect From The Venue

Most venues hand out information on what to expect, including their offerings and promotions, if there are any. However, it is expedient to ask questions from floor managers and personnel in charge of your potential dry hire venues. This gives you a better grasp of every detail and might inform you to change your plans.

  1. Involve All Parties

It is always a good idea to share your thoughts with everyone involved. You don’t want to be told on the D-day of your event that the venue won’t allow loud music or that some areas of the space rented are restricted.

  1. Understand Your Limitations

While it’s good to imagine having the perfect event, knowing your limitations will help you plan adequately and also influence your decisions. Finances, operations, and other resources may hamper the success of an event if they are not taken into consideration.

In summary, going through every detail without leaving out even the tiniest part will help you achieve your dream of having a near inch-perfect event. With over 17,000 UK and international venues, getting a dry hire venue should not be much of a task as Venuefinder connects you to the best venues for your event.