4 Essentials For The Indoor Plant Enthusiast From Spares2You

4 Essentials For The Indoor Plant Enthusiast From Spares2You

Indoor gardening has gotten more and more popular as urban development, and the lack of suitable planting space (backyard space, gardens, etc.) creates a need for other gardening solutions for people who like to get their hands dirty.

Millennials are buying more plants than they have kids and for a good reason. Plants are relatively much less expensive and need less care than another human, while beautifying homes, adding to food in a pinch, and giving a boost of happiness by just having them around.

For beginners, it can be daunting not knowing what tools to use for mixing soil, watering plants, applying fertiliser and just generally pottering about with indoor plants. These tools from Spares2You should be in every indoor plant enthusiasts gardening kit in addition to their go-to gardening tools.

Watering Spikes

Overwatering is the bane of every plant owner. Plants need water to survive, but too much of it (or too little) can result in brown and yellowing leaves, and the ultimate death of any plant, root rot.

Watering spikes are a nifty invention that has taken the plant community by storm. Choose the size of spike so that it is perfect for your plant, fill the flask with water, and insert it exactly where it’s needed, and you’re done! The weather controls the drip, so your plant is getting just as much water as it needs. These spikes can last up to 2-3 weeks, making it perfect for the travelling plant owner and plants hanging out of reach.

Dripper Kit for Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are beautiful, there’s no argument there, but their maintenance takes a little bit more effort than a plant sitting on a table or on the floor. For one, when they get big enough, it might become an entire chore to move them for watering.

Enter the dripper kit! This adjustable watering kit is ‘gravity fed’ and keeps those hard-to-reach plants hydrated with little or no effort from you. The kit comes with full instructions for usage and is very easy to install.

Mini Growpot for Herbs

Take the guesswork out of plant pot buying with this Growpots that are specially formulated to conserve the best conditions for your kitchen window herbs and indoor-grown fruits. The inbuilt debris shields and fruit supports increases your success rate. If you haven’t succeeded at a herb garden yet, then these pots might be the best place to start another attempt.

Heavy-Duty Jute Twine

Twine can be used to train trailing plants, to provide support, to cordon off sections in a herb garden, and might even be useful in places you didn’t think of. This jute twine is biodegradable and sturdy enough to hold your plants without causing damage to them or the environment.

Whether you’re dipping a toe in plant waters with one succulent or a house filled with high maintenance calatheas, having these simple to use tools in your arsenal will make your journey as a ‘plant parent’ a lot easier.