Why a self-watering pot is better than the usual type: TOP 5 advantages

Many flower lovers choose flower pots very carefully. This is not only a beautiful element of decor but also a new home for your plant. Now there are many materials, shapes, colors and purposes for such pots. You can put large items on the veranda or porch, on the table at home, on the window or choose hanging models. Each material has its pros and cons and a large assortment will allow you to find something suitable. But many flower growers have left simple planters in the past and now they prefer buy self watering plant pots. Most manufacturers offer affordable options and an exclusive design so you can make your home more comfortable and your flowers will be safe.

The working principle of flower pots with self-watering system

This system is a special design that is installed in the overall pot body. There are cells for soil and drainage, as well as a long vertical tube that is located on the side of the pot. There is an indicator on the top of the tube so you know what level of water is there right now. Fill the nutrient ground and plant the plant.

Pour water into the space between them to a certain level on the indicator. The first few weeks after planting the flower, you can water it as usual so that the plant can adapt. Then you can fill with water a special container in the design of the pot. The plant will drink water on its own when the soil begins to dry.

Such a system is becoming very popular every day. A wide range of these products allows everyone to choose an option to their liking. A variety of colors, shapes and sizes will help to find the right model even for the most demanding flower growers.

Top-5 Benefits of self-watering pots

You will find many advantages of such a system for growing different plants. It will be convenient for you to mix the fertilizer in this special container with water so that the nutrients are distributed evenly over the root system of the plant. Also, such a system would be an excellent solution for use inside and outside territory. Consider the specifics of your climate and the temperature inside the house to create the optimum moisture for the soil of the roots of the flowers. You do not need to spend your time to control the moisture of the plant. Travel, visit your family, go on vacation – your flower will remain safe.

Also, such flower planters have other advantages:

  • Convenience when growing plants that love moist soil.
  • Saving your personal time if you have a lot to do at home.
  • The optimum moisture level for plant preferences.
  • A huge assortment of unique patterns for the table, garden, floor, window or patio area.
  • Convenience in caring and transplanting plants.

Why is it convenient to choose such a pot?

If you like flowers, decorative trees and other plants but you don’t have enough time to take care of them, then solve the problem with watering. These unique flower pots will help keep your plants alive by freeing up more time for your personal affairs. Many people cannot find a little time to water the plant on time and they choose self-watering flower planters.

If you often leave your house and cannot ask neighbors or friends to water your plants, then such a pot will help to maintain the required level of moisture for a long time.

Many companies offer exclusive designs, different sizes and materials for indoor and outdoor use. It is also very convenient to buy such pots for commercial premises when people leave the office empty for the weekend. The indicator will show the water level in the tank and you only need to add it. Many tanks have enough stock to keep you calm for your flower for almost 2 weeks.